About Fabio Viviani

Fabio Viviani is a chef/restaurateur, author and TV personality. His philosophy is to cook as simple as possible “with your own twist”—buy local, seasonal and organic ingredients, keep recipes ultra simple and allow the food to speak for itself. Don’t ruin it with all the Marshmallow Fluff….. sometimes less is more.

Returning as a fan favorite from the Emmy Award winning show Top Chef New York, Fabio competed again in Top Chef All Stars in 2011/12 and will also cast in Bravo TV’s biggest chef reality show to date – the bold new culinary/lifestyle adventure series “Life After Top Chef”.

Fabio is the award winning host of “Chow Ciao!”, the #1 lifestyle and food show on the internet. His show drives millions of people toward the Yahoo.com homepage every week, with a new episode every Monday.

Food industry—it’s a world Fabio already knows well. Born in Florence, Italy, Fabio’s passion for food was inspired as a boy by his grandmother’s baking and the several mentors Fabio had in his youth. Mid-way through middle school he started to wear his first apron every night in a pastry shop and later on he mastered his skills under legendary Michelin Starred genius Alessandro Panzani at Osteria Dell’ Agnolo, and Simone Mugnaini at “Il Pallaio”.

A gregarious host and entertaining guest, Fabio appeared in a number of cooking segments and morning shows in the USA. He is a recurring guest on platforms such as Good Morning America, The Talk, The Chew on ABC, Ellen Degeneres, Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, Playboy Radio, LA Live, Fran Drescher, Bonnie Hunt, Bethenny Frankel, Today Show, Zagat.com, and countless food shows and events all over the United States.

A regular headliner at global food shows, Fabio is the new upcoming chef to rule social media with his huge presence and bigger-than-life personality. This outreach earned him a spot in Bed Bath and Beyond for his ceramic cookware sets and also as a recurring guest on the QVC channel with many different products.

A regular contributor for food sites and magazines worldwide, his second book featuring all his family recipes is due by spring 2013. He also owns and operates several restaurants between Los Angeles, Moorpark and Chicago.

Inspiring home cooks and shaping the nation to return to basics in their shopping habits, Fabio loves to point out: “When I walk down the street at the store and someone comes up and says, ‘Since we’ve tried your recipes for this and that, we now we have it once a week‘, that’s the best feeling in the world to me.”

Fabio lives in Moorpark, California with his Turtles.