Returning as a fan favorite from the Emmy Award winning show “Top Chef New York”, Fabio competed again in Top Chef All Stars in 2011/12 and will also cast in Bravo TV’s biggest chef reality show to date – the bold new culinary/lifestyle adventure series “Life After Top Chef”.

Fabio is the award winning host of “Chow Ciao!”, the #1 lifestyle and food show on the internet. His show drives millions of people toward the homepage every week, with a new episode every Monday.

The Top Chef saga led Fabio to put a team in place to utilize effectively all the positive and well received TV exposure. This move lead to a number of opportunities within the media, along with an ever increasing waiting list at the restaurant and countless endorsment offers and partnership opportunities. This made Fabio one of the fastest growing household name brands in the USA.

A gregarious host and entertaining guest, Fabio appeared in a number of cooking segments and morning shows in the USA. He is a recurring guest on platforms such as Good Morning America, The Talk, The Chew on ABC, Ellen Degeneres, Good Day LA, Access Hollywood, Playboy Radio, LA Live, Fran Drescher, Bonnie Hunt, Bethenny Frankel, Today Show,, and countless food shows and events all over the United States.

A regular headliner at global food shows, Fabio is the new upcoming chef to rule social media with his huge presence and bigger-than-life personality. This outreach earned him a spot in Bed Bath and Beyond for his ceramic cookware sets and also as a recurring guest on the QVC channel with many different products.

When he’s not busy promoting healthy eating for children, he is also an endorser and partner with many beloved brands in the USA such as Bialetti Cookwear, Bertolli Olive Oil, Terlato Wine International and

Fabio Viviani has published two successful cookbooks, including the Cafe Firenze Cookbook, The Skinny Country and the e-book Did I Really Make Breakfast, which made it onto multiple Amazon bestseller lists within weeks of release.

Fabio is gearing up toward the making of his own brand, working in different categories. Also, outside of the restaurant business, Fabio is bulding something that according to him will be “the most honest, straight forward, people oriented brand in the USA. I wont seek to sell a product, all I want to do is for people to have an option to be able to associate themself with someone that will actually enhance their life and point them in a better direction.”