Kale usage at Siena Tavern article in Sun-Times

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Scores of local chefs responded when we asked what to do with kale. Here’s how some of them are using that ubiquitous green.Read more at http://www.suntimes.com/lifestyles/food/17661970-423/chefs-find-many-ways-to-use-kale.html

Fabio at the Grand Chefs Gala

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Chef Fabio Viviani has possessed a passion for food since his childhood growing up in Florence, Italy. At age 11, Viviani worked nights at a local bakery (since he was too young to officially join the staff) and, over his teenage years, held several positions in the restaurant industry, even serving under the mentorship of Simone Mugnaini, an iconic figure in the Italian restaurant scene.

Between his training in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine at IPSSAR Saffi and working with culinary luminaries such as Simone Mugnaini, Alessandro Panzani and Saverio Carmagini, Viviani owned and operated 5 restaurants in Florence, a Farm House and 2 nightclubs by the time he was 27. Although a well-respected business man in Italy, he was ready for a change and moved to Ventura County, CA. There he opened Cafe Firenze in Moorpark and, soon after, popular Los Angeles Italian eatery, Osteria Firenze, North Hollywood. Read more at http://www.grandchefsgala.com/chefs/bio/FabioViviani.html

New York Magazine, Street Chicago: Fabio Comes to Chicago – Pasta

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Chef Fabio Viviani talks about the family recipes he’ll use at Siena Tavern in Chicago.

Fabio on ABC 7 Local

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Chef Fabio Viviani opens Siena Tavern in Chicago’s River North | Pappardelle with Bolognese Sauce

Eater, Chicago Gaze at Fabio Viviani’s Siena Tavern

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The windows at 51 W. Kinzie are papered over, concealing the latest big-name River North Italian project lurking within. Inside sits 10,000 square-feet of a rustic-Italian-meets-urban-Chicago balancing act, where Lucas Stoioff and David Rekhson (Bull & Bear, Public House) and Fabio Viviani (Top Chef) hope bringing together a confluence of expertise and inspiration will bring a timeless and new brand of Italian cuisine and atmosphere to the neighborhood and city. This weekend, the paper comes off the Siena Tavern windows. Read more at http://chicago.eater.com/archives/2013/02/15/gaze-at-fabio-vivianis-siena-tavern-opening-tomorrow.php

Chicago Tribune on Opening weekend of Chef Fabio Viviani’s Siena Tavern

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This 10,000-square-foot Italian restaurant from Viviani (“Top Chef: All-Stars”) and the team behind Bull & Bear and Public House opens its doors in the River North neighborhood. “Italian Food is sexy and the ambience has a perfect vibe for a romantic date,” Viviani said by email. “New vibe, new dishes that you’ve never had, to kick off a new year in your great relationship. The risotto on the menu is by far the ultimate Valentine’s dish. The cocktails are amazing and very different. And since Valentine’s is your night, just go have a drink. You did earn it.” Read more at http://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/celebrity/aboutlastnight/chi-valentines-day-events-chicago-20130213-003,0,5782059.photo

Urban Daddy Chicago on Siena Tavern

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Siena Thriller
The New Spot from the Public House Guys

Fabio on the cover of The Chicago Sun Times’ “Splash”

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Fabio Viviani has charisma. When the celebrity chef walks into a room, he takes a moment to greet everyone — ladies with a kiss on the cheek or hand, gents with a handshake. Between his trademark smile and native Italian accent, Viviani leaves almost every woman in the room a little weak-kneed in his wake, though winning hearts is hardly his intention; it’s just who he is. “Since I was young, I’ve had an enormous respect for women. They were always the pillar of our household,” says Viviani.

The 35-year-old chef, who shot to fame as one of the final four contestants on season five of “Top Chef,” is set to bring his charms to Chicago on a regular basis. He’s teamed up with restaurateurs David Rekhson and Lucas Stoioff of DineAmic hospitality group — the team behind Bull & Bear and Public House — for their new venture, a modern Italian restaurant in River North dubbed Siena Tavern.

“It’s Italian-inspired,” says Viviani of the 230-seat spot. “There are five or six dishes that are as Italian as it gets, but with [the rest of the menu] we wanted to use traditional flavors with a twist. We add that edge that you get when you come down to River North.” Adds Rekhson, “It’s Italian, but it’s still everyday and accessible. You can come here a few times a week and you don’t feel like you just ate a ton of pasta and you’re so full.” Viviani cites the meatball, made with Kobe beef and homemade ricotta cheese, as an example of a traditional dish that has been modernized. “We make everything from scratch,” he says.


Read More At: http://splash.suntimes.com/2013/02/15/fabio-viviani/


Fabio’s Featured tips for date dining

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – As the third-most chocolatized holiday of the year – behind Easter and Christmas, based on U.S. retail sales – there will be plenty of the sweet stuff making the rounds for Valentine’s Day, most of it stuffed inside a heart-shaped box.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

But have you ever thought about surprising the one you love with chocolate for dinner? Not candy on a plate, but chocolate used to flavor a savory entree.

The Mexicans stir dark chocolate into amazing moles, traditional rich, dark red/brown sauces featuring peppers, spices, cinnamon, chocolate and usually nuts (almonds), seeds (pumpkin/pepitas) and raisins. I’ve also tasted nice chili spiked with chocolate.

Both not only taste great, but dark chocolate offers the added benefit of heart-healthy antioxidants and flavonoids. It’s also National Heart Month, you know.

So check out this week’s recipes for cocoa chicken (dusted with dark cocoa powder, brown sugar, smoked paprika and cayenne pepper) and roasted cocoa cauliflower risotto (flavored with dark cocoa, smoked paprika, garlic, onions, butter and Fontina).


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Time Out Chicago features Fabio and the Sienna Tavern opening

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Fabio Viviani teams up with the Bull & Bear owners on a Chicago restaurant.