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If it weren’t for exploration, we would never get to the shore, #TeamFabio.  If it weren’t for diversity, we would never get to the food that speaks to people.  With so many different cultures, ethnicities and spins on classics, America, you guys have a ton of different types of food! I want to explore the country and spend some time highlighting the different cultures and the food that fuels them.  If you don’t know, I’m Italian to the core.

My blood bleeds red, white and green, while I’m pretty sure my bones are fortified with al dente pasta.  But that doesn’t mean that I write off other cultures and their food.  From the flavor-forward Mexican cuisine to the corner store Japanese Umami, I want to dive into it all and immerse myself so that I can be a better source of knowledge for you guys.  Knowledge is power.  Power builds armies.  Armies take over the world.  Are you excited now? Let’s take over the food world, everyone!

•    Melted is Best – From Chicago and New York to Los Angeles and San Francisco, America takes everyone and melts them together.  Not literally in a pot like nacho cheese, but taking their cultures and letting them live it out through their food.  That’s why I can walk down a street and see Thai food on my left and a hamburger shop on my right.  And only in America will these two maybe even get together to form Thai Burgers!  The possibilities are endless over here people.  That’s where I draw inspiration from through food.  Don’t get my wrong – I love my grandma and mother’s Italian cooking. But when I can start with an idea from them and integrate something I might’ve seen while traveling, it takes it to another level.  It’s never about inventing the wheel…. just making it spin faster than before.
•    Go Rouge and Roam! – These days, you can get great seafood almost anywhere.  Depends on how much you want to pay for it though.  The coasts are blessed in that area because, at any given time, they have numerous options of fresh seafood at their disposal.  California with its local varieties of Sea Bass, or South Carolina with its juicy shrimp. Travel north and find Maine serving its prize catch of Lobster.  This stuff is good guys.  Trust me!  Head to southern Louisiana for a taste of something spicy in New Orleans, but then hop over to Texas for arguably the best handmade tortilla in the country.  It’s crazy to think that each state has anywhere from 10-15 different cultures occupying it and bringing their food along for the ride. #Boom
•    Where it Begins – The center of the country is where a large majority of our crops are grown.  With acres and acres of open fields, it’s ideal to set up shop here for things such as grains and root vegetables.  Nebraska alone contributes over a fifth of the corn produced for consumption in America! That’s some serious food.  But don’t let the acres of food fool you, because the Midwest can cook toe to toe with the best of them! Larger cities seem to be more diversified than smaller cities because of the abundance of work that is available there.  These cities were also the first to be heavily populated when the first and second wave of immigrants came to our country.  And thank goodness they did! I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t get a slice of pizza for lunch and then switch it up and have a noodle bowl for dinner.

Gone are the days of “this place has the best” insert food here.  Yes, some places are better known than others for their cuisine, but it comes down to the people that make it.  If you have a Memphis native living in North Dakota, he takes his knowledge of making ribs with him and all of a sudden, North Dakota has unreal Memphis style ribs!  Nowhere else in the world can you find so many different foods readily available to your enjoyment.  Never underestimate this country and the people in it.  Like I said earlier, it’s a melting pot.  All you have to do is make sure to keep the flame low, stir it every now and then, and season to taste.  You will get a new and exciting flavor every time you dip your spoon in to taste.  What is your state best-known for and how close can you recreate it?  Let me know and let’s swap stories of good times and good friends! #LetsTalkAbout