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Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietitian who believes better nutrition is simple and is on a mission to help anyone achieve their personal health goals by providing simple but highly effective tips and strategies. A self-described “Qualitarian,” Koff emphasizes the value of quality nutritional choices in achieving optimal health and has developed tools such as The AKA Qualitarian Nutrition Plan and The AKA Personal Shopper to help facilitate this. Koff is widely sought after for her knowledge and ability to translate nutrition science into practical and motivating messages and appears regularly in the National Media, has authored two books and speaks frequently on the topic of better quality choices for better health. @ashleykoff
1) Let’s assume that I don’t know you. In a few sentences, please share with my readers why the world can use more of you?
I’m a hopeful and hopefully helpful person. I am hopeful because I know that we have all the tools we need to become healthier as individuals, as a nation, and world. I know that better nutrition is simple, but I also know it sure doesn’t feel like it for most. So I am helpful, hopefully, because I can help people understand better nutrition and make it simple(r) for them. When it becomes simple, it becomes easier. It still requires work, but it feels doable, and that’s how we all can succeed. Better nutrition is key to better health, and I am hopeful that with people like me both are possible.
2) What is one food you love and could not live without? What is your least favorite food that you wish would disappear from the face of the earth, and why?
I can’t choose between broccoli and chocolate, but then I also love hemp and wild salmon…I don’t think picking one food to love really works for me because how and why we love a food depends on what we need in that moment – physically and emotionally. So I think that while I could live with one food item, it would be a survival choice, not a food love choice. Argh! So much for simple ;)
I despise chemistry lab projects. They shouldn’t be called “food” nor in our bodies.
3) What is one thing you wish you had time to do but currently doesn’t fit into your busy schedule?
I must resume playing the trumpet – perhaps by putting this in print it will be me further committing to it this year.
4) What is the weirdest things you have ever eaten and where were you?
Likely termites in Costa Rica – I am told they are a good source of probiotics!
5) What is the one meal that reminds you most of your childhood/family?
It’s the whole smorgasbord of bagels, lox, cream cheese, white fish, etc. I guess anything “deli” reminds me of times at my grandparents as well as at my home for things like watching Wimbledon or ball games or a Sunday breakfast together.
6) What would be the last meal you would want to eat/make if you only had 1 more day to live?
I think I would want someone else to make it for me! And honestly if I was really only going to have one day left I am more likely to spend it doing things, like seeing and talking with people, and being with my dog, Rerun. But if I have to choose, it would include wine – great red wine – or bourbon and sardines (the way they do them in Northern Italy), gnocchi, sautéed greens and an espresso. There would likely be cheese in the mix too – great quality sheep or goat’s milk cheese.
7) What is the hardest dish that you have ever had to make?/ Is there a dish that you have still never successfully completed?
That’s easy – fudge. I have abandoned the effort.
8) Breakfast, lunch, & dinner: What would be your perfect 3-square meal?
Oh no you don’t! There’s no such thing as “perfect” when it comes to health or food or meals. And I typically recommend eating or taking a “pit stop” for better nutrition about every three hours. Check out my Qualitarian nutrition plan for ways to make your own meals or “pit stops” ( )
9) Of course you want 2015 to be a good one. If all else fails, what would you want your one and biggest success to be?
I don’t believe that all else will fail! That said, I learned something great last year, and I hope to keep putting it into practice. When we make it easier to be successful, we are successful, and successful people behave successful so it becomes this awesome cycle of success. More simply said – we can make it too difficult to be successful and that can keep us in a cycle of feeling unsuccessful SO my thing for this year is to continue to make it easy to be successful. For example, instead of saying it takes drinking eight glasses of water to be successful, what if we redefine success as having a glass of water when we wake up? So that means within a few moments of being up, you are already a success – that can make a huge difference in how you see yourself, and how you behave, all day.
10) What is your most prized possession?
Love – the ability to love others and to be loved.