Barley Banana Bread is the Newest Hit Around

It’s true, these days I have been hanging around with my friends and family and all they were talking about was that we are all taking barley, and many other commonly found grains, for granted.

Although my remark that we should all start drinking beer wasn’t funny to them, they all loved my next suggestion. Why not make our family’s favorite dessert/ breakfast dish using barley flour? And this dessert as you’ve probably guessed it, it banana bread!

I went online and started looking through some amazing recipes and found tons of quick and easy, yet tasty banana bread recipes, that were simply begging for me to prepare them.

Benefits of Incorporating Barley in Your Banana Bread

Being the curious person that I am, I went on and read all there is to know about barley and its benefits. And boy was I overwhelmed! Who would have thought barley was so nutritious a grain, let alone a powerful weapon to fight so many different diseases?

First things first, let’s see the nutrition value of 1/3 cup of dry, hulled barley (the numbers refer to the daily requirements)

Calories: 217

Manganese 60%

Molybdenum 60%

Selenium 42%

Fiber 42%

Copper 34%

Vitamin B1 33%

Chromium 23%

Phosphorus 23%

Magnesium 20%

Vitamin B3 18%

As you can notice barley abounds with fiber, which in turn makes barley a great ingredient for boosting the digestive system and lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood. What’s more, it will be a great ally in your weight loss struggle. Only a small amount of barley in your pancakes will provide the satiety and fullness you need without overeating.

Although the research is ongoing, barley has also shown to be helpful in the fight against colon cancer and postmenopausal breast cancer.

But, maybe the most significant feature of this grain is it helps lower the risk of heart failure, owing to the fiber content, which helps in the regulation of the blood pressure, which in turn is directly connected with the heart’s health.

Barley Flour Banana Bread

Choose your favorite banana bread recipe and use barley flour instead of the regular all-purpose type. Or, use half a cup of barley flour and half of rye flour. Your banana bread will have a nutty taste and the texture is going to be divine. Not to mention it will be the healthiest banana bread you’ve prepared.



But for an extra moist loaf, go ahead and fold in some blueberries in the batter. Not only will you get a fresh banana bread bite, but these are great antioxidants, which makes them a perfect ingredient to fit the whole healthy theme.

Strawberries and coconut

This will be a great change of pace from your regular banana bread. Strawberries are also nutritious, and the coconut flakes will make for a slightly crunchy texture that you are sure going to love!

Peach and coconut

If you want to add a slightly summery feel to your banana bread, go ahead and add diced peaches, and of course, some shredded coconut, or coconut flakes.

Make sure you prepare one of these recipes, you will be following the latest fashion in cooking by simultaneously eating a delicious banana bread.

We found these recipes through this awesome recipe app.