Basic Kitchen Equipment that Every Eatery Needs

The food and eatery industry is one of the fastest-growing industries since more people today are eating out as part of a lifestyle. It is partly for this reason; many new entrepreneurs are jumping the food business bandwagon for its lucrative returns. If you are intending to set up an eatery business, here are some of the key restaurant equipment that you will be needing to invest in.


When it comes to the food business, cooktops are undoubtedly the most important equipment that you would be needing. When you are operating a commercial entity, you need to understand that your cooktop requirements and usage will be very different from a household one. When picking up a cooktop for your eatery, the aesthetics of the equipment should take a back seat and the functionality and effectiveness should be the primary criteria of selection. For example, conduction cooktops are aesthetically very pleasing but they are not compatible with every type of cookware plus not all chefs might be comfortable using it.

Ovens and Microwave Ovens

Whether you have baking and grilling needs, or you need simple reheating, ovens and microwave ovens are a piece of important equipment that your eatery will be needing. If you are a very small establishment, you may choose to have two small-sized ovens mounted in a wall, rather than a large-sized oven. That being said, one of the major blunders that budding restaurant owners make is to use microwave ovens and regular ovens interchangeably. It is important to understand a regular oven cannot be a substitute for a microwave oven and vice versa. Despite belonging to the same family of equipment, the two are very distinct in terms of functionality and technology, hence every eatery should have at least one each.


Whether you will be needing a small refrigeration unit or a chiller, or full-scale cold storage will depend on the size of your business and more importantly the scale of your business operations. Nevertheless, a chilling unit will be required regardless of the size of your business. Even the most basic cafes need to store drinks, juices, and water.

Ice Machines

Many new food entrepreneurs are not even aware of the fact that ice machines are a thing. The ice requirement and turnover at eateries are not comparable to that of a household. Multiple customers order col beverages at a time and require ice. As new customers walk in, they may order more ice but the standard refrigeration units are not equipped to replenish the ice inventory in such a short period, commercial ice machines, on the other hand, are designed specifically to produce ice cubes on demand. They can produce a given quantity of ice at a time, allowing you to meet customer demands.


Although workstations are a Very Important part of the food preparation process, are often ignored. Workstations might not be a machine, but they are dedicated spaces that help in the food preparation process. A lot of preparation process such as beating, whisking, cutting and chopping need to be done manually and a dedicated space that allow workers to work conveniently is very important.