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There really is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the morning. You awake groggy to the sound of the alarm clock, pad as quietly as possible to the kitchen, and put on the coffee. By the time you are out of the shower, you can literally smell the caffeine wafting down the hall. As a coffee drinker, it is probably fairly safe to say that you have tried several different brands of beans. You have probably tried a variety of brewing options. Whatever the situation is, you probably know that each bean tastes different, but did you know that each brand of coffee can have a different effect on the body? What are the best brands of coffee available and which should you be consuming?

Kenyan AA Coffee Beans

When you hear someone talk about Kenyan coffee beans, you can rest assured that they are referring to some of the finest beans in the world. The effort and labor that it takes to produce such beans and be quite arduous. It is these intense growing procedures that make the bean one of the largest in the world. The AB bean comes close, but it is nowhere near the AA bean. These beans produce fruity notes with a winey acidity and syrupy body. This will be one of the sweetest and purest cups of coffee that you ever enjoy.

Kona Beans Hawaii

If you are a Hawaiian native there is a good chance that you have heard of Kona. In fact, it is the largest Hawaiian island. Coffee doesn’t just grow here. It thrives here thanks to the tropical climate in conjunction with the perfect mixture of rain, sun, and fertile soil. This coffee is without a doubt delicious and can provide a number of health benefits, but you will end up paying top dollar for it. In addition to this, you might find that the supplies are limited. The Buddhas Cup Kona Coffee offers a medium body with a low acidity that is richer and even smoother than almost any other bean out there.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain is a mountain located in Jamaica with high elevations. Not all of the coffee in the area comes from the Blue Mountain, but the beans that do are the best. Supply is extremely limited and right around eight percent of the town’s supply goes to Japan each year. Along with this, these are not your ordinary coffee beans. They require special attentiveness that makes labor intensive. However, it is their high elevation and exposure to volcanic soils that makes these beans so potent and delicious.

Peaberry Beans

Peaberry beans are totally unique as they are nothing more than a single, round coffee bean located inside a coffee cherry. Normally farmers will find as many as two beans in the cherry and each will be adjourned with a flat side. That is not the case with the Peaberry. The Peaberry will be the only seed inside the cherry and it will be shaped entirely different. In fact, they have a round shape as opposed to the one flat side.