Brain Foods that Make You Smarter


A proper diet is critical in maintaining a healthy weight and overall health. Likewise, if you want to become smarter, you only need to eat smarter. No one specific food can make you a genius or prevent your cognitive abilities from declining. However, doctors believe that the consumption of some fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains helps you focus, enhance memory, alleviate stress, and lessen exhaustion. So, avoid giving yourself a food coma by feeding on empty calorie foods. Instead, if you want to solve hard problems, pass a big exam, or become more intelligent, consume the following brain-boosting foods.

  • Salmon

If you experience difficulty remembering the date, or what you had for dinner last night, consider stocking up on salmon. According to documentation in medical journals and custom essays, it is the ultimate brain-boosting food, as well as an invaluable necessity for the entire body. The protein source contains Omega-3 fatty acids essential in promoting the proper functioning of the cerebrum, prevent poor memory, and eliminate mood swings.

Also, it lessens fatigue, increases alertness, and reduces depression and hyperactivity, while also reducing the risk of degenerative mental disorders such as dementia. The type of fish contains two essential fatty acids. One is eicosapentaenoic acid, which provides the body with anti-inflammatory elements that prevent the onset of a heart attack or stroke. Docasahexaenoic acid works in the brain to increase an individual’s ability to learn and promote mental development.

Since the body cannot make the fatty acids, salmon, gotten from wild salmon provides this much-needed food for brain. So, if you want to decrease the chances of developing brain problems by twenty-six percent, make salmon a dietary necessity three times a week.

  • Avocado

Avocado is not only a fruit that is smooth and delicious, but it is also among the foods that make you smarter. According to Business Insider, it boosts the brain through its elevated levels of fatty acids. These fatty acids keep the nerve cells in the cerebrum healthy at all times. The fruit enhances the supply of blood and oxygen to your brain by preventing the buildup of plaque that causes blockage in blood vessels, thereby keeping you sharp and alert.

Also, it enhances the brain’s capability to plan and think in a critical manner. It is because; the optimum flow of blood and oxygen to it due to the fatty acids makes your mind clear and active. Moreover, the fruit is full of vitamin E and antioxidants such as carotene and lycopene. These three are critical in the production of brain chemicals that supports learning and recollection.

Avocados are also known to contain over twenty vitamins. So, when you take a serving of the fruit, it regulates your high blood pressure, which in turn helps your brain function at an optimum level.

  • Berries

            Whether it is blueberries, blackberries, or strawberries, according to experts at WriteMyEssayForMe, berries do wonders for mental health. The fruits contain a high concentration of flavonoids antioxidant, which provides properties that improve memory and mood. The antioxidants travel to the cerebrum and enhance the learning and memory parts of the mind. Also, they support the production of nerve cells within the brain while protecting neurons so they can transmit signals all over the body.

Raspberries and blueberries contain compounds known as anthocyanin that keep safe neurons that maintain your memory. Strawberries, on the other hand, have fisetin compounds that help to maintain the strength of your mind for more extended periods. Blueberries considered the best possible food for the brain, reduce the occurrence of Alzheimer’s, increases your ability to move about, and prevents stress.

Also, women and older adults who consume high quantities of blueberries and strawberries experience moderate mental impairment and improved memory within months. So, if you want to protect your cerebral matter cells, boost your recollection, and delay its loss, these are the go-to fruits.

  • Dark chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover, you do not have to feel guilty for indulging in this treat, as it is one of the brain-stimulating foods. Several research investigations establish that dark chocolate can boost the power of the brain and increase cognitive functioning. Also, it reduces the likelihood of developing dementia and improves memory. All these benefits come about due to the main chemical found in cocoa, known as flavanol.

Flavanol facilitates the creation of new neurons that maintain memory and increases the speed of processing of information among the aged. Moreover, it boosts the circulatory system leading to improved blood flow to the mind hence, increasing its activity.

Dark chocolate is also believed to improve your math skills. When participants of a study were asked to count backward, individuals who indulged in dark chocolate were quick to respond. The natural compounds found in cocoa beans reduce mental distress and exhaustion, making this possible. The sweet treat has also been found to alleviate depression and anxiety. It relaxes the mind and increases the production of the feel-good hormone that brings about calmness.

  • Fish

An apple every day may be able to keep you away from a doctor, but eating fish even once a week can offer you a high IQ. Fish is among the best foods for your brain. For cognitive functioning to be excellent, the brain has to have a sufficient supply of omega-3 fats, and fish are the ideal source. Try fish such as mackerel, trout, tuna, and sardines. According to The Healthy, they will offer you the highest quantity of these fats that fuels the brain non-stop. They achieve this by reducing the intensity of tiredness when you engage in activities and increase your reaction time, causing you to be active.

Fish is very beneficial for the brain. Especially if you study at university, it is highly recommended to eat fish more often. Or you have to pay for perfect essays. Оmega-3 fats help to reduce cases of neurodegenerative disorders among the old such as dementia, by 20 percent. They do so by increasing the flow of blood to the cerebrum, improving the performance of the brain. Also, they derail the onset of dementia. Thus, people predisposed or suffering from this mental illness will have an easy time remembering and carrying out mental tasks. If you want to enjoy a long and enjoyable life of mental strength, make fish part of your diet.


What you eat determines your health, and when it comes to your brain, this is even more accurate. For it to be active and well engaged, it needs to be cared for and nourished in the appropriate manner. So, what foods make you smarter? According to this article, salmon, Avocado, fish, berries, and dark chocolate should be your go-to foods for a healthy mind.