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When your mind is overreacting and racing, peacefulness and calmness seem almost impossible to achieve. One of the great ways to slay the monkey-mind is by becoming mindful and fully aware of the thoughts you are creating and holding onto. Becoming mindful offers a heightened sense of alertness, serenity and aligning with the present moment. The beauty of mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere at any time, even if you are actively busy. It’s all about tuning in and paying attention to the mental dialogue that you are generating and giving energy to. Mindfulness is actively becoming the witness of your own thoughts and reactions to life. For example, if your thoughts are forward – meaning you are living in the future through your mind – you have a greater chance of holding anxiety due to the fear you may perceive about the future. The projection of a fearful future that is not real exists only within your mind. Likewise, when you hold sadness, your thoughts are more than likely attached to the past. And like the future, the past does not exist, except within the memory of the mind. The key to calmness and serenity is mentally staying within the moment; within the now. When you live with the present time consciousness, you are not living in the past or the future. You are fully aware of a moment to moment existence. And within that existence, there are no stories of sadness or fear. There is only an open space of peacefulness and potential.

A common mental trap that will keep you from a calm mind is allowing yourself to get caught up and to absorb the drama of everyday life. Whether it is through television, friends, coworkers or anything else outside of ‘you’, do your best to shut it off – or at least greatly distance yourself from the source. The less you consume yourself with the business of others, the more peaceful and calm you will become. Drama is a very addictive energy pattern and once it takes hold of you, it is very difficult to disconnect from it. It seems like every day we are being bombarded more and more with low energy drama-filled societal events and programming. If you don’t take a step back from it all, it becomes harder and harder to decipher fiction from truth, even when presented with facts. Do your best to create space between yourself and the destructive energy drama.

Drama energy holds a great capacity to create excessive anxiety and fear. And for most people, once caught in the whirlpool of fear, the life of anxiety becomes an everyday experience. It’s important to remember that anxiety is fear… And it’s also important to know that fear is just a self-created story, which can be let go of whenever you decide to release from your story. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m talking about fear… not danger! Danger is very real, and because of this, you have a built-in fight or flight response system to help elude it if needed. But once danger has passed, the story you hold about the danger becomes the fear. At that point, the fear either continues to be amplified by the story or it is negated because your story about it is released. Either way, once mindfully aware, you have the ability to control the amount of fear you experience.

A great approach to obtaining a calm mind is by becoming fully accountable and accepting full responsibility for where you currently are in life. When you release the blame of others for your own life or situations, you begin to empower yourself. The empowerment is developed because you are no longer blaming others or waiting for someone or something to change in order for your own change to take place. Becoming accountable for your situation is likened to hanging a giant banner on the freeway overpass that states, “I am in control of my own life and I will choose “now” which direction it flows.” By taking full responsibility, there is no need to wait to make the necessary choices for your own life moving forward. You can actively choose what is right and best for you alone. You become the conscious creator that you were born to be, without limitation or restriction.

Keeping track of your mental dialogue is perhaps the greatest task in keeping your mind calm and peaceful. If your heart’s desire is to be calm and peaceful, it’s important to make sure that your mind is generating thoughts that are equal to calmness and peacefulness. You can’t expect to be calm and peaceful if your mind is creating and holding thoughts that are angry, resentful, fearful, depressed or anything other than peaceful and calm. Your mind must be in alignment with your heart’s desire in order to produce an accurate manifestation based off of your intention.

Sometimes it’s best to ask yourself if your current thought is serving your highest good. And if the answer to that question is anything other than yes, you are probably not going to experience your desires. The great thing is you have the ability to change your thought within a moment – if you choose to do so. If your thoughts about something do not feel good, consciously choose a new story that does feel good. Focus on anything that does make you feel good long enough until you actually do feel good. You are always in control and you always have means to shift your mental patterns, when you are aware and mindful of your internal dialogue.

The practice of mindfulness enables you to live in the present moment without judging, interrupting, analyzing or interjecting a new storyline. Mindfulness is the ability to experience the now through allowing the moment to be as it was created. This doesn’t mean that you need to ultimately settle with whatever you may be experiencing. It simply means that you accept the current moment as it is, without an attached story, knowing you have the full ability to change it moving forward. Mindfulness can keep you calm and peaceful by keeping you out of the past and away from the future. It is a way of slowing down life and accepting the moment. When you accept the moment, you release your resistance to what may or may not be happening….. And when you release resistance, by default, you have tamed all stress.

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