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Circuit   serket/      A path or route the complete traversal of which without local change of direction requires returning to the starting point..
The act of giving, in most instances, is mankind’s natural and innate behavior. Other than a few percentage points within our own population here on planet Earth, the majority of people love to give and give generously. Giving can be witnessed in all aspects of life, from the simplicity of helping a family member, a friend, a stranger, to greater examples of nonprofit charities and grand scale volunteering throughout the world.  So it seems most people really enjoy giving.
It’s hard to imagine a world without the expression of kindness and love that is synonymous with the act of giving. When we give, we allow our true essence, the essence of pure God energy, to flow through us and around us without resistance. We allow love, the purest form of ourselves, to express itself as a flow of abundance without a mental concept of lack, or the possibility of loss of something of our own possession. When giving, we not only step into the abundance of God energy from which there is no sense or awareness of lack, we also step into the realm of ever-expanding and continuous love; where there is no possibility of shortage. When we truly give, there is no expectation of receiving or gaining anything. By giving, we open our heart and allow God energy to flow through and express itself in its own unique way.
The act of giving seems to fill our spirit on so many levels. It fills the heart with a sense of joy, happiness and a knowing that we are able to help someone or something that was in need of our own offering. It has been said that our main purpose in life is to be of service to others. As for myself, I cannot think of any other way that better serve my own sense of peace and contentment, but to be of service to others.
The act of giving creates a positive waveform that must be allowed to return to its original starting point. That waveform begins in the form of giving, but is only completed in a waveform of receiving. Most people genuinely love to give of themselves. They love the way it feels and they love the way it makes the one receiving feel. But the truth of the matter is, most who love to give have a hard time receiving. When the circuit of giving is disconnected or not allowed to be completed, it causes a ‘short’ circuit, or a complete ‘cut off’ of the positive energy flow. It’s important to understand that when we give, the positive waveform that is created as a result of that giving needs to be allowed to come back to its original starting point, in order for it to be a complete circuit of energy.  Or better put, a completed circuit of love.
Think about it. When you give – it feels good, right? That ‘good’ feeling is what fills your spirit and your heart, thus causing the energy and creation of more giving. But when you don’t allow yourself to receive that which you give, you essentially short-circuit the flow of energy, which was once created with the intention of love, and it more or less fails to be complete. The end result is that you don’t allow yourself to feel your own creation, the creation of love that was originally intended. When you don’t allow yourself to receive, not only do you stop the circuit of energy from flowing completely, you essentially steal the joy and happiness that others would feel, as a result of giving to you.
Yes, think about it! When you don’t receive or do not allow others to give back to you, you are directly stealing the feel-good energy from the person doing their best to get back to you. So in essence, the act of not receiving can be considered a very selfish act. This act of selfishness is two-fold. Firstly, by not receiving you are not allowing yourself to receive an energy that you in fact created to come back to you as your own reward for creating the giving cycle. And secondly, you deny the direct experience of giving from someone else by not letting them absorb and feel the joy and gratitude that giving offers. It’s important to think of the act of giving as only complete when you, in fact, allow the original created energy to return back to its original starting point. A complete circuit!
Your life truly works from the inside out. What you think and feel is always reflected back through your life experiences. Your life experiences become your reality, and your reality is a great check point to help determine if you like what you perceive. Your reality is uniquely your own, based on your past perceptions of experiences you have witnessed or barrowed. The inside out workings of your life is always a circuit of energy that you either allow to flow, and complete, so that you can feel and experience the fullness of life, or it becomes an uncompleted expression of your true self. In order to fully experience life, you must be open to receiving that which you give, thus completing the circuit. Love yourself enough, and be open enough, to receive your own love…•