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Hey #TeamFabio and good morning, or afternoon, which ever statement suits you best !! I want to travel back in time a little bit….Actually I want to travel back in time ALOT because I just saw this proschuitto, smoked mozzarella, baby arugula sandwich that has my name WRITTEN ALL OVER IT !! But I’m getting off topic ;) I’m going back to school today and I don’t plan on staying in my seat or raising my hand.  I’m teaching the class because now I have my own magazine thanks to you guys !! You guys are the BEST!! #italiankisses


I for one did choose to go to culinary school, or maybe school chose me? Not sure how that story really happened.  I started my culinary adventures at the early age of 11 making bread for the neighborhood restaurant.  Guess that’s why i’m good with my hands these days !! When I was in my late teens, and after spending most of my late childhood in kitchens, I decided to go to school.  For me, it was the next step to take what I learned and apply it for an education.


That’s the short end of the stick.  There were pros and cons to school for me, and probably many of you too.  Some of the pros included working with a wide variety of chefs in a concentrated time period and developing skill and technique in a less stressful environment.  However, some of the cons dealt with money and having to move a tiny bit slower with the students who were learning for the first time. With any decision, i found myself going back and forth.


So where do you fit in to this puzzle ?? Many of you guys have asked me, “Fabio, do I need to go to school to be a chef?” The answer, in my eyes, is yes and no.  But before you get your horses running around all over the ranch, let Fabio explain please !! In our current economy, some people do not have the resources to put towards technical schooling.  For this group, an option might be hands on training in a restaurant.  Chefs are ALWAYS LOOKING for good, hard working individuals to help shape to become part of their team.  These chefs will help mold, be strict with, and create opportunities for you to strive.  I myself have a handful of people who did just that and I couldn’t run my restaurants without them !!


For the people who are able to maybe afford some schooling, there is much to learn in a “test” environment.  Learning the importance of recipes, how to make sauces, or knife skills are perfect for a school setting.  Some schools even offer associate or Bachelor degrees in culinary arts.  That is very appealing to some individuals and would be considered a pro, instead of a con. As much as chefs enjoy shaping and molding new people, they also need people who already know the basics.  Someone who can understand what  “bruinois this carrot, blanch, then shock in an ice bath.” This is where culinary school could play an advantage vs no schooling.


At the end of the day, it comes down to one thing – What do YOU want ?? Both paths lead to the kitchen eventually and despite which path you take, it ALWAYS depends on bad you want it.  Take some time to truly weigh out your options and go with what makes sense to you.  You will have #TeamFabio support cheering you the entire time! Shoot me any questions about school or restaurants you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them for you. Until next time, never stop asking questions, stop raising you hand, and just start cooking! LOVE YOU GUYS TO TINY TOMATOES PIECES!! #BOOM #BOOMAGAINFORTHEHATERS