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At this very moment, you have untapped potential.  The choices of who and what you want to be in life are endless.  It’s almost magical, truthfully.  Your greatest dream or imagination is already inside of you.  You just have to learn how to draw it out.  This improves not only your life, but the people around you.  Isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day?  To support both self and surrounded friends/family?  The power to do so resembles the ocean sand – very still until a wave comes along to move it.  This is your wave.  This is your mission.


As humans, we are wired a little bit differently than animals.  We have two differing forms of communication – an external and internal communication.  We use vocal/non vocal cues such as our posture, language, voice tone, and eye contact.  These are the practices that make or break our success in the public sector.  Switch lanes to find that your internal cues like dreams, conscience conversations, and self evaluation all are reasons to how you carry yourself throughout the day.  You ultimately have the power to dictate the emotion you want to feel based on what you let consume your thoughts.  Quite a powerful thing, isn’t it?


We can take a look at a small outline to see some key points of things attributed to success.  This will help answer questions like “Why do some people have excessive amounts of success” and “Why can’t some people just catch a break?”  It comes back to internal thoughts, like the ones discussed earlier.


  1. Define what it means to “reach personal goals.”


  1. Measure what the outcome of said action is.


  1. Continue to take that action, craft, mold, and experiment until you reach it!


Resources are abundantly available to us.  It isn’t a matter of them being that, but a matter of us taking control of obtaining them that defers us.  As silly as it might sound, you can apply the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” mentality to your game plan.  Mirror your outline with those who have already paved the way.  Find what they are reading, how they are conducting business, and what leisurely activities keep them sane while reaching their goals.  If you want to lose weight, find someone who has lost weight and apply it.  Maybe you desire how to flip houses? Seek those who do the labor and work along side them.  Model what they do and make it your own.


I remember the waters of Aqua Panna back in Italy growing up.  Now I can see that they were very close to giving a clear vision of what my life is.  An ever-moving, direct, and deliberate stream of chance that could either show me mercy with a sip for my thirst, or steer my course underwater and drown me.  It all came back to how to choose to navigate the water.  Fast-forward two decades and I find myself reciting phrases such as “Everything has purpose” to “No failure, but rather results” and “Humans with always serve as your greatest source of information.”  I found that if things did or didn’t happen at the end of the day, I was the one taking ownership of them, and so should you.


Your brain only deals out about a 1/10th of its potential capacity.  Even with that small amount you can form tactics that allow you to be in any situation and come out better for it.  We are going to call this “Picture Strategy.”  Let’s check it out.


  • Change the Frame – When negativity enters the mind, immediately without hesitation, frame it as positive.  Your picture is a work of art, not a travesty! You must always see the beauty in disaster and the joy in pain.
  • Stability Mounts – We want to have strong subconscious thoughts, but we never pay much attention to them.  If you want to be successful, put on those shoes!  Envision yourself as successful and make choices and self-direction to achieve what you want.
  • Brush Strokes of Life – Our visions are like ever-changing patterns and textures.  Some work and flow really well while some are outdated, rough, and jagged.  Find the way to paint your picture by using creativity and switching out those “bad strokes” for good ones.  See you picture as what it will be, not what it is.


This isn’t the whole story, but a damn good place to start from.  The only way that you will consistently achieve success in business and personal venues is learning to identify positive goals, and always finding a way to get to them.  Never be afraid to ask others for help because those people will find great pleasure in your humbleness to seek their opinion.  There is someone out there who knows more than you, but at the same time, is ready and willing to share their wealth of knowledge to continue the cycle of positive thinkers and achievers in the world.  That’s your mission – don’t let yourself down! #Business101