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Everyone wonders what the view looks like from the top.  Some see it as lonely, and some see it as the pinnacle.  There’s always two sides to every story for certain.  What if I told you that the view from the top is as good as you think it is and doesn’t have to be lonely?  Would you entertain my thoughts for a minute or two?  It’s called “The Executive Mindsdet.”  The top level.  The cream of the crop.  The 25th floor of a 24 story building.  At this level, it’s not about the personal accomplishments, but rather the accomplishments of the group as a whole.  When you tap into the executive mindset, goals become larger on a company scale, not just a specific department or sales group.  You being to move away from the old-fashioned functional experiences, and towards the modern company-wide view structure.  You start to build a team and builds with you.  You influence others, rather than using sheer power and force to make things happen.  Your whole head shifts from being a boss to being a leader – and yes, there is a big difference in the two. 


You understand that your ways have gotten you here, you still have much to learn and become open to other ways to accomplish tasks and reach future goals.  You empower others to work for you, producing great results because you have been the one shaping them.  You have the learn how to operate at your top level, maintaining stamina to complete bigger pictures, rather than focusing on colors and shapes.  It’s no longer about you and your “things to get done” list.  Those times are gone and you have bigger things on you plate.  When you can identify the key behaviors that have transformed your mindset, study and repeat them, it will lead you to a transformation of confidence and leadership.  You and your executive co-workers are now a solid unit, no longer acting as individuals.


  • Confidence is a Home Run – Congrats! You’ve just been promoted.  Now what?  When give the step up into the executive branch of doings within your company, it means making bigger decisions, and chaining your attitude from yourself to others.  It’s gonna be a growing pain for sure.  But pain develops stronger muscles.  Don’t let it undermine you or be the downfall of your performance.  Don’t be timid – be bold.  Don’t be greedy – be generous.  Don’t be be shy – be confident.  It’s the key to the door that you are about to step through.  When you become comfortable, you are no longer groaning.  Always stay slightly out of your comfort zone!
  • Keep your Energy Up! – This is a marathon, but you shouldn’t be thinking about running it right now.  Think about the hurdles and sprints.  You need to be saving up all your energy and unleashing it in short burst and then gaining it back.  When you begin to schedule time within your week’s work away from work, you’ll win for sure.  You’ll be more focused, more calm, and more centered.  It’s a chance to refocus and capture the bigger picture that sometimes slips away temporarily in the work grind and hustle.  Most of us can feel when we are really on fire.  We operate the best when we feel comfortable and can maximize effectiveness.  List some strengths and weaknesses, and be honest!  Identify the things you repeat based on actions.  Review it and maintain focus on optimizing your personal results.  You can do this!

Communicate like a Master – At the executive level, you are playing on a bigger field, swinging a bigger bat, and trying to control more things with less information.  How on earth is this done?  Through efficient communication, that’s how.  What you say holds great impact on people.