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Happy Tuesday #TeamFabio !! Guess what everybody ?! My new cookbook is here !! So for today, I am gonna tell you a little about my new cookbook and what you should be expecting. Here is a warning for you: this is not your everyday cookbook !!

What makes this cookbook so special is the stories. Through the over 150 recipes there are tons of stories about growing up in Italy and learning to cook with my family for 26 years !! That includes the time when I lit my grandma on fire when I was five too, so get ready to read about my childhood terrors ; ).

You will get to know me on a more personal level when you are reading this cookbook. The recipes are from my amazing mother and grandmother that have been passed down for generations in my family. They give anyone reading them a good idea of how life was like for me growing up in Florence, experiencing cooking all over Italy, and learning the best traditional recipes that Italy has to offer.

As for the food, I normally like to give you quick and easy recipes on In my recipe book however, some of these recipes take some time, especially if you are braising. But I do try to keep it as simple and traditional as possible. You do not need a 50 ton super deluxe food processor or the laser guided butcher knife to make these recipes – they are good for ANY kitchen !!

Another thing you can learn from my cookbook is common sense !! Whether it is not taking naps while you are cooking or learning what a handful of salt is, you can learn a lot of the untaught rules of cooking from Fabio’s Italian Kitchen. It really has it all. If you have not ordered it by now, you should !! It is hilarious, it is fun, and it is full of my family recipes along with beautiful pictures of them, and some of baby Fabio too ; ) .

I am proud of my new cookbook and I am proud of you for sticking with #TeamFabio and for making my delicious recipes week after week. Thank you for all of the support, without you I would not be where I am today, you rock !!