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Q: Gina Ruesing Carriere what is your best crispy breadstick recipe????


A: Instead of basic breadsticks….I have something better !! I have bread recipes that are OUT OF THIS WORLD !! And way more unique and probably taste better ; ) Give them a try, you’ll love them !!


Q: Suzana Pinhancos I just recently fell in love with asparagus… I bake them or grill them, weather permitting of course… What’s your favorite way to use asparagus?


A: Hey Suzana great question !! There are a few favorite ways of mine to use asparagus !! Baking, grilling, and have you ever tried spicy asparagus, or maybe even adding honey to it ?! I have some recipes for you that you’ll definitely want to try so you can find your favorite way ; )


Q: Karyn Adler Fasel Do you have any suggestions for “pasta” that is not so carby? My Mom is diabetic. I made mung bean noodles last week and they are apparently very low glycemic and hardly raised her sugar levels at all. The woman does love her pasta …


A: The love for pasta never dies !! Haha : ) A good way to enjoy some pasta and not raise sugar levels would to try some Spaghetti Squash !! It’s tasty, healthy and simple !! I always say it’s okay to have pasta in very small portions, and you can also add more veggies for a similar texture : )

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@fabioviviani why does Garlic turn green sometimes when you cook it? #FabioQA


A: Easy !! The Garlic turns green sometimes because it’s not fully ripe or dry. If you notice, this happens more commonly in acidic foods like lemons or even onions !!

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