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You are a survivor.  You Exist.  You Thrive.  You set courses for your life.  But what happens when those ideas start to take a downward direction and the drain is the direction it’s headed?  Well, in the business world, many of the methods used to address crisis can be found on a larger scale dealing with global crisis, financial meltdowns, and even illness.  The key is not to take the route of denial.  Denial is what gets a business exterminated and the only thing that deserves to be exterminated is a cockroach.  Damn things eat my house and I’m left paying the bill.  That’s just my two cents on that topic.

Back to business – We have to focus on zoning in on the causes of crisis and learning the most effective ways to neutralize it immediately.  This isn’t “hide and go seek.”  This is “seek and destroy.”  Don’t run from crisis – arm yourself with the right mindset and tools to take on anything that’s thrown at you.  Stay visible and show your strengths in conflict rather than your weaknesses.

Every day, in and out of the workplace, you have to deal with people and their problems.  You have to keep yourself in check while making sure everyone else is in the right state of mind.  It’s a tough job to tackle to be honest.  Sickness, emotional distress, and hard times are just the tip of the iceberg in this case.  Whether dealing with the personal end of divorce, cancer, or drug addiction, or in the business world with finance, market values, and employees, crisis comes in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve had my fair share of crisis management and nobody was there telling me how to do it.  Lucky for you, I love sharing my experiences to help people get to a better place in life.  If I can use my life as a model for do’s and do not’s, then I’m totally on board for that ride!

But what really keeps us from facing our fears and troubles?  Fear itself!  The fear that keeps us immobile is the same that leads us to worry rather than react.  We as a people aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to face problems.  Our parents didn’t show us, our schools didn’t show us, and our companies didn’t train us.  90% of the time, they just told us to ignore it until it went away.  Not the case, as far as I’m concerned.  You have to be the Alpha and set the tone.  Do you want to live on your knees or take a hit while standing strong on your feet?  Either way, you might end up on your knees, but at least you have the option of standing tall first before getting there.  Let me show you how I deal with crisis and empower you with the lessons I’ve encountered to help you defeat and crush anything that is holding you back!

•    Keep Calm and Carry On – I’m not talking ice cream on a summer afternoon, America.  You always have to be bigger than what you are facing.  If not physically, then mentally.  That’s where the game changes.  Force can be overcome with knowledge.  To gain this grip, sit down; write down a plan for managing different avenues of crisis.  What’s the crisis? What are your goals to move past it?  What do you need to figure out?  Asking yourself these questions with a calm state of being is the best place to start and finish.

•    Stand Firmly – How will you approach crisis?  What will it take to stand firm? Don’t worry about what other people are saying.  People will talk regardless of what is happening.  Choose how you will be judged for your actions.  Solving the problem is more effective and productive than figuring out what to say to save face.  This idea is inside and outside the business world.

•    Drop the Anchor – Heavy.  Secure.  Not swayed easily.  These are the attributes of an anchor.  What can you take away from that?  People need something to lean on and secure themselves with in times of need.  Find a group of 5-8 people that will support you and give you critiques.  Sometimes you will like what you hear, and sometimes you won’t.  So be wise in choosing, because these people will come to have your best interest at heart.  You will then pass that support to those around you, acting as an anchor does for a boat.  Crisis doesn’t heed to boundaries.  It does whatever and goes wherever it wants.  Even when the problem is obvious, there is power in identifying it through conversation and writings.

•    Your Story is Written by You – In the business world, a company’s name is all they have.  They live and die by their image and what they choose that to be.  Good companies will put their employees, ethics, and values on a pedestal for the world to see, because they are proud to stand by them.  Consumers have been shown to trust these types of companies.  Make your company one of those and your personal life choices along those same lines.  Be proud in what you are and make something that is worthy of display.  This way, when crisis occurs, you will know your strong points and act with those first.  The definition of a business powerhouse is one that knows itself and knows how to react to anything.  Protect and promote these qualities!

Always be prepared for the worst!  When it strikes, at least you won’t be caught off guard.  You can recover from a punch, but doing so from a K.O. is very difficult.  In the business world, the trained ones are the ones that thrive.  Get yourself on the right path and starting thriving, America.  There’s nothing that you can’t overcome with the right mindset.  #Business101