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Wow #TeamFabio !! I am absolutely blown away by all the submissions that we had the first month of the Fabio Kitchen Academy Challenge. Everyone did such a great job I hate picking a winner… Even a top 3 is too much pressure. In the future, I think all submissions will get credit on my website and on twitter. I do not want to take anything away from the winners this month, so without any further ado, here are the winners for the FIRST EVER Fabio Kitchen Academy Challenge !!

First up, in 3rd place we have Marleen Freire who submitted this delicious dish. She received a total of 30 likes over the course of the challenge to win the 3rd spot. Congratulations Marleen !! and not only I cannot wait to call you and talk to you but you also won… ; – ))

Next we have Michelle from Chicago’s dish: The Inside Out Omelette. This dish received a total of 56 likes and comes in second place to also win a  Cafe Firenze Cookbook.

One user went above and beyond to create the winner of the first Fabio Kitchen Academy Challenge. Katie at created a beautiful dish. Not only the photo showcase her dish to perfection but we can see that the technique is there and also I’ve never seen it before… Congratulations on your new Bialetti Cookware Katie !! ;- ))

These dishes won out the Fabio Kitchen Challenge based on the popular vote. But there was one dish that was my personal favorite that I just had to share with everyone. Michelle Murray, with the Grown Up Breakfast is my favorite for this month just because I’d KILL for a poached egg and this was perfection !!

The new Fabio Kitchen Academy Challenge starts today !! I hope that everyone had a great time with the challenge. I look forward to all the new submissions next month.