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How to make your own food cart treats for your parties

Parties are always a fun experience, not just for the host but also for the guests. Whether it’s a birthday or a different kind of occasion, preparation is always crucial. Of course, it’s about coming together with family or friends and celebrating life. But let us not forget that people also come for the food!

Food carts are not just for kids, you can also make a food cart for adults or the young at heart —and you don’t need to get an actual cart either! You can just set up a table nicely and make sure that the treats are enjoyable for everyone. Take note that doing it yourself will take time and effort so if you have the time and you’re ready to impress your guests with your food making expertise, here’s how to make your own food cart treats for your party:

Choose a Theme
The first thing to do is to choose a theme. This will help you come up with a menu where the flavors of the food can be planned to blend together perfectly. A theme will also help you put together decorations and garnishes that coincide with each other. Are you having a fairy princess party for your little girl? What about your teenager? Does he or she want a luau or galaxy themed party? Or maybe you could also host a Las Vegas or disco themed party for your friends. Whatever you choose, having a theme is really helpful in the initial stages of planning.

Choose the treats accordingly
If you’re putting up a party for your little boy or girl, make sure to serve his or her favorite treats. For example, you’re hosting a baseball themed birthday party for a boy. Popcorn, chips and hot dogs are common food items that you can serve. And if you’re doing one for your little princess, how about baking cupcakes and decorating it with colorful sparkly things? You can also make cookies in the shape of crowns or flowers and wings. Don’t serve vegetable bites if your kids that don’t eat them! Save that for the health-conscious adults. For children, it’s usually sweets and colorful things. Maybe you can have waffles, granola bars, and several baked goodies. Now, if you’re planning a party for adults, you can go crazy and a bit experimental. But don’t forget to also consider the taste of the majority of your guests. You can always go online and look for options if you’re not so sure.

Create a plan
Write down all the food items and recipes you need for your treats. You should also take note of what materials you’ll be needing to serve your food cart goodies. This list will come in handy when you do your grocery as well as help you create a schedule for when to actually start preparing the food.

Budget wisely
Another thing to think about when you prepare for a party is how much budget you’re willing to shell out. If you’re investing in good food for your cart then you have the liberty to serve more luxurious treats. But if you are on a tight budget, consider making the necessary adjustments on the food that you’re going to serve. Make sure to set aside enough budget for your decorations like toppings and other materials such as cups, plates, napkins, wrappers to be used for serving your treats.

Get busy in the kitchen
Once you have planned out your menu, it’s time to turn them into reality. Start baking or cooking everything you need the night before the party or earlier if needed. Deserts such as refrigerator cakes and chocolate molded treats will need some time to cool down before you can serve them.

Think of your proportions
Remember that food carts will have to serve a lot of people and there will probably be a lot of options. So make sure that your servings are bite-sized to leave room for other treats! Anyone who still wants more can always come back and get some more. Using salad cups or cupcake linings to portion the snacks is always a good technique when serving food cart treats. It helps you serve your food properly and it makes the food items visually appealing.

Be creative
Remember that baseball themed party? How about creating bite-sized hotdog sandwiches and mini popcorn bags for your food card? You can also serve chocolates in the shape of baseballs or biscuits decorated according to the theme. If you’re having an ice cream party, you can come up with various types of toppings such as candies, fruits, and different syrups that your guests will definitely enjoy!

So, now that you know how to make your own food cart treats, get to planning!