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We are coming around the block again, and with more force than EVER !! Greetings #TeamFabio, and a friendly tip of the hat to our haters who STILL don’t understand that you can’t go through life always criticizing. That’s Fabio’s life lesson for the day.  Damn, I should’ve been an, like, Italian life coach supporting the masses with my messages of glory !! Maybe in the next life ;)

Back to the food Please, and pay attention here people.  This is part II of our “Food Trends” Blog.  In all honesty, I could probably spend a good 2-3 months taking about food trends, but by that time, the trends might’ve ended. hahahaha !! So let’s enjoy another round of food and food-related stuff that keeps our attention and buzzes through our heads like a colony of bees working hard for the queen – And yes, I know who the REAL QUEEN BEE is ;) ) #loveyouturtle #bigmamashouse

1.    Octopus – These things suck.  Literally!  We serve octopus at Sienna Tavern, Chicago and everyday we can’t keep them from grabbing on to our arms and hands. Using those little suction cups on their legs to make our lives difficult.  Guess I would too if someone was about to throw me into a pot of boiling ****ing water (I didn’t curse mom, use your brain – it’s a puzzle)!! In the past, you would’ve only found Calamari, an Octopus cousin, on a menu.  Now a days, you see Octopus just as much.  It’s FANTASTIC charred and plays well with umami/savory flavors.  Rule of Thumb – Octopus should not be tough or rubbery.  If it is, it wasn’t cooked properly.  Sorry chefs, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them ;) )
2.    Crudités – Some chefs like it raw.  Fresh, luscious, and vibrant colors with so many textures and shapes, you can’t even shake a stick at them.  Wish my butt was a crudite because my family had NO PROBLEM shaking a stick at it !!! Oh well…..Chef’s are rediscovering the beauty of blanching vegetables and bring out their hidden, bright and sexy colors that are so appealing.  Pairing them with creative dips like Smoked Squid Ink or Parmesan/Chive Aiolis, vegetables are no longer the nerds of the garden, but the ones that are scoring ALL the chicks…….or chickens.  Don’t want anyone getting jealous !!
3.    Bread for days – Bakers have had it right all along, but maybe didn’t have the chance to expand into the restaurant business.  Artisan breads such as Rosemary/Pine nut Butter Ciabatta or a Raisin/Oat/Molasses loaf are just two of the amazing flavor combos I’ve seen in restaurants.  Some people think bread is a throw away item, something to put on the table just so you’ll have “something to eat.” Chefs are making bread as much a part of the eating experience as their top dollar wine list.  It’s a quick fix for texture and flavor as the base for bruschetta or  taking bread pudding to the next level.  Don’t be surprised if your bread taste like it’s a day old – sometimes crusty is the best taste around !!
4.    Family Style – I’ve been living this way my entire life guys !! I’m a trending topic ?? TWITTER HEEEELLLLOO – I think I need a raise or something here !! Family style takes the service in a different direction.  Instead of small, concentrated, precise plates of food that take 5 minutes to plate, chefs are using beautiful platters to display food.  This used to be only for banquets of 50 or more, but now, tables of 4 are having ordering this way.  We love this style – creates conversation, intense aroma, and visual stimulation for the whole table.  So now, if you can’t make dinner at your table, hit up your local restaurants and ask them for Family Style – Tell them Uncle Fabio sent you. #tellwillknow
5.    Chef by Design – The food scene has been on the rise for the last 15 years or so.  Chefs used to only be in the kitchen and didn’t bother to come out.  And when I say come out, I mean from a media standpoint.  We see the chef in his/her workplace, on TV, at your kids birthday party and they even include a clown at no cost (they call them sous chefs ;) ) !! With the evolution of the chefs personality, their clothing follows suit.  We are seeing chefs more relaxed with headbands, custom aprons, and work shoes with skulls and crossbones.  I’ve always had skull and crossbones shoes though – helps when I’m stomping out the haters !! Next time you visit a slightly upscale restaurant, ask for a tour of the kitchen and ask the chef, “Chef, who are you wearing this evening?” You will make Fabio proud.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love finding out the trends and tapping into them! Following trends keeps you on the cutting edge of what’s going on around you.  With that said though, I’m not telling you to do EVERYTHING THAT EVERYBODY DOES – there’s a difference in follow trends to add your own touch and simply following trends to just mimick others.  Find your groove and add your own flare to it !! There’s nothing wrong with taking a good idea and making it great. Remember to be yourself always, inside and outside of the kitchen !!

#TeamFabio reminds me to do that everyday.  Again, what trends are you seeing these days ?? Some of the same as me or some different ones ?? TELL ME !! Hit me up on twitter @fabioviviani and email my team from my website at to share your thoughts.  Taking all the love in the world and sending it your way my slightly weird, but ALWAYS DELICIOUS family . #italiankisses