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Happy National Burger week #TeamFabio !! We are celebrating this delicious holiday with SEVEN of my favorite #burger recipes ALL WEEK LONG !! I know, me and burgers have had a rocky relationship, but we only got off on the wrong foot. Now we are best friends : )

When you think of American food, the hamburger is one of the top, if not the first food that comes to mind. I think it is funny because the word hamburger is actually referencing Hamburg, Germany, but that itself is American too – people from everywhere trying to make a better life for ourselves : ) !! Did you know that during World War 2 people actually STOPPED calling hamburgers by their names ?? It is like the whole freedom fry thing a few years ago, looking back on it, it is so silly. Come on people it’s food !! Would a hamburger be as delicious by any other name ?? ; )

It seems like only yesterday when I was on Top Chef All-stars going up to the stage and taking the picture of the burger. Of all the things I could pick it had to be burgers !! The biggest problem for me personally was that I just didn’t know what I was doing. Burgers are not so big in Italy, and at all of the restaurants I have worked at I had never made a burger before in my LIFE !! So of course right off the bat I am troubled by the dish – and that is a problem too, you need confidence.

So here I am, buying all kinds of things at the store to prep for the challenge, and I am wondering how I should even BEGIN. What kind of burger: should I go with the old fashioned burger, or should I reinvent the wheel on this one ?? But then why reinvent the wheel when the wheel is so perfect ?? Put all of this together and there you have it, my failure. On top of that I couldn’t even say burger !! “Booger” “Boorger” I still hear that sometimes from Top Chef fans !!

It has been a little bit more than two years since then, and things have changed a lot. Burgers are delicious, I love burgers – if you have ever been to In-n-out in moorpark maybe you have seen me there ; ). Or if you have seen Life After Top Chef you may have seen me going to get a double double in the middle of the night. It was amazing.

I have learned a lot about the hamburger in two years, enough for me to make my OWN recipes with some twists on the traditional hamburger, INCLUDING a few meatless choices for all of you vegetarians out there : ).

Here is my Chow Ciao episode of the perfect burger full of my take on losing on Top Chef and how to cook the best, classic hamburger ever. Let’s face it, my Top Chef burger sucked, I did not know what I was doing, but I have learned from my mistake !!

What is your favorite kind of burger? I know there are THOUSANDS of different kinds of burgers all over the place – so much that I do not have time to go through them all. So you tell me: what is your ultimate burger ?? Comment below or tweet me @Fabioviviani #burger.