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Hello #TeamFabio, this week we are celebrating #fathersday with some dad-tested, father-approved recipes. We are only born with one father in life, I am lucky to to have been raised by my super father who was always trying to help the family get by, and even if most of the time he wasn’t succeeding he was still trying.

I will admit, my father has not come up as often when it comes to my new cookbook Fabio’s Italian Kitchen, but that is OK because like I have said before, I am a mamma’s boy at heart and most of the time I was hanging out with my mamma or my nonna or both.

I was blessed with the perfect hands for cooking, my father’s fingers were a little bit chubbier so I can see why he would not be as enthusiastic about cooking as me. If they were my fingers, cooking probably would not be as fun for me either ; ). As you can see in the picture he is hiding his fingers he is self conscious ; ).

My father is and has always been a great man, even when he was a kid, just like my mother. They grew up fast and early, by choice… maybe. When you have a kid at 17 years old you kind of have to grow up faster than the other kids, especially when you have your mamma and padre looking after you making sure you are being a good parent.

My father always had my back. I am sure you all know about my nonna’s wooden spoon – when she would give me the love taps my padre would argue with her and tell her not to hit me, but she says it is the same as she is yelling at me. It shows you how brave he was to look that wooden spoon in the eye ; ).

So obviously as heart and work ethic I take after my father, I am so drawn to food and cooking because great food is the key to a Viviani’s heart, and you can see with my mother and father still sticking together that our family dinners and my mother’s practiced cooking skills that she also learned from my nonna have captured him for life !!

Thank you dad for being there for us and doing your best to help the family even through the tough times. This week think about all the great times with your own father, and do not pass up the opportunity talk about them… over some of the delicious recipes I have shared with you this week. Do not forget the special ingredient: Love !!

You can find more great family stories, Viviani history, and the recipes that helped us through the tough life in Italy in Fabio’s Italian Kitchen. It makes a great gift for fathers too !!

What do you have planned for Father’s Day ?? Comment below or tell me on Facebook : ).