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Hello and happy Tuesday to #TeamFabio. Today, June 18th is International #Picnic Day, so we are gonna celebrate with some special picnic-friendly dishes as well as some tips for the perfect picnic !! Who’s ready for some ??

These days, picnics seem to have been lost in society. We eat in our cars, we eat at restaurants, we have BBQs at the park, but it seems less and less common that you will see people having the “traditional” picnic. But by definition, all you have to be doing for it to count as one is eating a packed meal outside.

But let’s revisit the tradition of the picnic and plan one for today with friends or family. What do you need ??

First things first, I don’t know about you, but when I think of a picnic I automatically think picnic baskets. You might not have the traditional woven wooden basket, but that is no problem !! These days we have backpacks or reusable canvas grocery bags…anything can be your picnic basket ; ).

Second you are gonna need somewhere to sit that will keep you off of the ground, that can be anything from the traditional picnic blanket to a table cloth if you are eating on a park table.

Now we have the most important part: food !! The best foods I would say to bring on a picnic are those that are easy to eat. You don’t wanna bring something that is too much to work to eat or that is very messy, unless you like to get dirty ; ). If you are gonna have something that you cannot eat with your hands, It would be a good strategy for you to cut it up or package it before you leave so that all you have to do is use your fork, chopsticks, or whatever to eat it.

For example, this week I suggest that you try making my fresh Pork, Pepper, and Pineapple kebabs. These are easy to cook, easy to transport, and easy to eat without any utensils !!

Aside from that, sandwiches are a hallmark of the picnic tradition. Do you remember the ants carrying away the PB&J sandwich ?? Well instead of PB&J we are going with my chipotle onion burger !! Good luck carrying that away, ants !!

For those of you who DO like to get dirty, do not forget the napkins when you take my Slammin’ Braised Pork Ribs to the picnic. Good luck not making a mess ; ).

Finally we come to the drink !! When it comes to picnics, we have all seen the movies and the TV shows where the man brings the bottle of wine out of the basket… but whenever I see that I think, “Isn’t that illegal?” So assuming that you are having your picnic in your backyard, wine is a great, romantic, fun, and refreshing addition to your picnic. If you are in a public place, stick to grape juice. For the type of wine, I would go with something that is light. Maybe a nice, chilled pinot grigio.

When was the last time YOU went on a picnic ?? What are your picnic essentials ?? Comment below or tweet me @Fabioviviani !!