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It’s difficult finding good gifts for men, ‘cause, according to my niece, “Girls rule and boys drool.” While there is an argument to be made for that sentiment, there are some guys that we like enough to give presents to.  But navigating the minefield of man-gift-giving is tricky because many gifts seem cliché, such as a bottle of cologne or a shirt. Other gifts are just too fancy or old-fashioned for most guys (i.e. cuff links, leather satchel). I’m of the opinion that whatever the gift, if it’s presented creatively, even the maybe-not-perfect gift will be happily received. At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s a quick, but very handsome method for wrapping a gift for a man. It can be used for a bottle of wine or single-malt scotch, a scented candle, even a rolled-up t-shirt!

Caution: Don’t use one of HIS shirts for this project, or your gift will be received in a less-than-welcome fashion! (Learned this one the hard way… I SWEAR I thought he was throwing it out!)

You’ll need:
• One long-sleeved dress shirt (makes two wraps!)
• Spray starch
• Iron
• Rubber band
• 1-1/2” to 2” wide ribbon
• Scissors

Iron the shirtsleeves and cuffs; use a little bit of spray starch to really make the finished product look perfect.

Place shirt on table, then lay bottle on sleeve, with the top of the bottle about 1” below the edge of the cuff.  Measure about 4” below the bottle’s bottom, and cut sleeve off.

Turn the sleeve inside out, secure the bottom with a rubber band.  Place bottle inside the sleeve to verify you have the right length.

Slide rubber band close to the bottom of the bottle.

Once you’re satisfied with the height of the sleeve, remove bottle and cut away excess fabric. Turn sleeve right side out, and insert bottle.

Note: If you’re giving a bottle of wine or champagne, the punt at the bottom (that’s the dent in the base) will accommodate the rubber-band-gathered fabric. If you’re giving a flat-bottomed bottle, you’ll have to sew the fabric to minimize the bump on the underside and keep the bottle from wobbling.

Add tie-ribbon to bottle, using the four-in-hand knot. It’s pretty easy, find out how to tie it here:

Making the bow tie “shirt.”

People are mystified by how to tie bowties, but they needn’t be. Here’s the secret that only the butler knows: if you know how to tie a bow – on your shoelaces or a present – you know how to tie a bowtie. They’re all the same bow! (I know, crazy, right?)

Adjust tie and “collar” and trim the ribbon if necessary. Your oh-so-cleverly-wrapped gift is now ready to be presented!

TIP: Reserve remaining shirt fabric, cut into squares, and make into sachets for him. Fill with lavender – great for repelling cloth-eating moths, and it’s got a nice, not-too-girly scent. Tie with a string or narrow ribbon. Other guy-friendly scents include pine, peppermint, citrus and cinnamon. And seriously, what dude’s sock drawer couldn’t use a little scent-picker-upper?

So there you have it. Not only do you have a dapper way to give a gift to your man, but you’ve also learned how to tie a tie… which should come in handy when he takes you out for a fancy formal dinner as a thank you!

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