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Here it is #TeamFabio – The guide you have been waiting for!  I’ve taken a little time away from running the restaurant in order to make sure this into gets to you!  So much good stuff in this two part blog that you’ll be satisfied without having to go for a donut.  If that isn’t a promise, then I don’t know what is!  I might even buy you a dozen – all you gotta do is ask.  I’m a pretty generous buy I think.  I mean, I share all this wonderful info with you, don’t I?  Of course I do – wouldn’t do it any other way.  But here’s the question, “are you still confused about nutrition as a whole”?  Sounds simple by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  But which fruits? Which vegetables?  With so much selection, this task could seem endless.  Some have better health contributes than others, while some straight taste better with certain things as well.  It sounds like you need someone to outline this for you.  Good thing Uncle Fabio is here to make sure you are updated!  I live to update!  Always gotta have that new shine.  So grab your mental shopping cart and let’s hit the aisle in search for culinary delights!


Right off the bat, know this – Legumes, or beans, are the cheapest, most delicious, nutrient packed powerhouse there is.  They can stay in the dry cupboard for months on end, and provide tons of protein.  Seek to find them in bulk don’t pay for a bag.  Grains will be all over this list as well.  So many choices and some you might not have heard of before.  Check the color for the secrets within!  Green is good – find green in the grocery store you are sure to find a nutrient rich boost.  Red is gonna be antioxidants and deep purple and violets indicate rich levels of antioxidants as well.  The common delight between all these foods would by their range of versatility.  You will need to mix some of these to get the best results and for some, just enjoy them on they’re own.  All this foreplay talk is making me hungry though.  Are you prepared to follow my list?  Let’s hope so because I might not coming to your house just to set the record straight!


  • Lean Meats – This is great for all people, America.  Meat carries protein, B and E vitamins, and lots of other good stuff.  Although high in fat at times, the leaner option can be foreplay for an amazing dinner.  Choose a round steak or go for my favorite, a chuck shoulder.  Not everything has to be filet mignon.  There’s much more flavor in other cuts.  You just gotta know to save your money and do something with the bits.
  • Bananas – This odd shape fruit have been over used for its own cake, but now will get a true chance to shine.  They have tons of potassium, and are high in Fiber.  You can dress this up by adding a dollop of peanut butter or do what I love, Drop it into yogurt!
  • Broccoli – Cruciferous have got to be the coolest veggie on the blanket.   It provides anti-cancer benefits and helps in raising your immunity systems.  I mean, if you wanna sneeze, then it’s up to you.  I’ve found that steaming it first, or blanching in waste is the best was to go about it.  It works for me though!  And get creative with how you use it.  Don’t just put it on the plate.  Maybe add a sweet and sour element and broccoli looks like you will have fun exactly where you want to be! #Boom
  • Kidney Beans – Packed with potassium and magnesium, these knockout kings make your blood-pressure stay right where it needs to be.  The only spiking that’s gonna be done is on the football field, not your body!  Fiber helps to reduce bad cholesterol within our bodies, but just a quick heads up.  Beans have a tendency to give us extra gas with out bodies.  Just make sure you are in an open area when you decide to release the kraken!  They give off starch that goes great in soups and chili recipes.  The thick texture makes long cold nights just a little more bearable!
  • Brussels Sprouts – DITCH THE CAN.  Stop boiling these little treasures!  Have you ever tried them raw?  They are delicious and crisp.  This vegetable should be blanched for 20 seconds to set the color then cooled right away.  Once cooled, they are ready for culinary battle!  But what about the smell you ask?  Well, that’s gonna be sulfur compounds naturally resting within the flash of the sprout.  No matter how you eat them, just please stop making them into mush.
  • Bulgur Wheat – This is the grain that never got picked to play basketball with the cool kids.  This is the wheat that always got picked last, but then showed off its skills!  It hits a home run when regulating blood-sugar levels.  Keeps everything in check.  Add it to bread recipes, in salads just like you would nuts, or as a side dish with lemon zest and tons of fresh herbs!


The good stuff is here and it’s not going anywhere except straight to the top!  With everything that we can put on our plate, you should seriously consider what I’ve put here today!  I mean, don’t you trust me America?  I sure hope so.  If I can convince a squirrel to go live outside of the tree, surely I can get you to try this.  And yes, I’m known as the squirrel whisperer in other circles.  Even though this is only part I of II, I wanted to see what you thought of the list so far.  Do you agree?  Be careful though.  If you end of disagreeing, you might get a visit from the Mafia! Just kidding guys, I could never hurt you lovely people!  Do you like this list?  Hit me up via Facebook and on Instagram @Fabioviviani.  Tell me what you are doing with our little list of glory above!  It’s a good day in the Fabio kitchen when you get educated and then want to share that knowledge with me!  Mad Love to all my culinary prospects! #LetsTalkAbout