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Dr. Angie is a good friend of mine – and with that friendship comes the benefits of the wealth of knowledge that this amazing woman possesses. I respect her as a friend and as a professional healer so much that I feel obligated to share the valuable knowledge that she shares with me with #TeamFabio and the rest of the world. I trust her with my life and my very own neck, and I am happy I am able to share her with you. Dr. Angie is a Doctor of Chiropractic, specializing in pregnant women and children (and world class travelers chefs with back, knees and neck problems I guess), she is a motivational speaker, and the founder of her own Wellness Center in Moorpark, CA which provides chiropractic care, massage, nutritional counseling, and yoga/fitness classes. Take it away Angie! – Fabio

It’s back to school time again! If your family is like mine, it means starting the earlier bedtime routine and the packing lunch routine. This year, I would like to challenge you to be mindful of what exactly goes into your child’s lunchbox. Read all the ingredients in their snacks-even the snacks that are deemed healthy. Many of them are filled with dyes like red #40 and artificial ingredients. These dyes and artificial sweeteners act like neurotoxins and cause damage in the body. Some symptoms include, eye problems, impaired vision, lack of tears, ringing in the ears, severe drowsiness, low energy, dizziness, aggression, anxiety and more. For more information on this, read Sweet Poison by Dr. Janet Star Hull. Some children are more sensitive to these neurotoxins than others; however, you do NOT want your child to start to crave these unhealthy snacks.

There are some great organic versions of the “fruit snacks” and “granola bars” that your child, like mine, is begging me for. Annie’s has a great line of healthier snacks. You will still need to watch the sugar content from fruit juice. Although it is true that fruit juice is healthier, high sugar content of any kind is never healthy.

Neurotoxins are also hidden in juice boxes. When you read the label, make sure the sugar is low; however, watch for harmful ingredients such as sucralose and aspartame which are artificial sweeteners. My favorite line has become, Honest Kids, which my son gets on occasion. Otherwise, I send a big bottle of ice water with lemon or lime juice squeezed in. It is very refreshing and keeps him hydrated throughout the day.


Some other great ideas I wanted to share with you are from my friend, Dr. Josie Dovidio. She has turned her kitchen into a test kitchen for her two boys (8 and 10 year olds). Check her story, her why, and what she does…

Back in July we confirmed via testing that my son is sensitive to gluten and casein. But there were also a few surprise findings. It turns out he is highly sensitive to eggs (the whole egg, not white versus yolk), and moderately sensitive to mustard and garlic (Gasp! We are Italian…this just isn’t fair!)

This means that while we are trying to heal the gut, I can’t even use gluten-free bread for sandwiches since it is made with egg (and egg derivatives).  You can imagine my anxiety over lunch packing as we head back to school.

I’ve started thinking outside the box…or perhaps into the box. I bought a bigger lunchbox that can hold a variety of plastic containers since I’m going to need to get creative with the lunch menu.

Here is my game plan- lunches are going to be comprised of:

Protein – lunchmeat (organic, nitrate and caseinate free whenever possible)

Veggies – either veggies themselves or a small salad with gluten-free, dairy-free dressing

Crackers or chips –  for some crunch, being sure to rotate the kinds (i.e. rice, kale, potato, etc)

Something Sweet – whether fruit, a fruit salad or homemade gluten-free, dairy-free sweets like garbanzo bean chocolate chip cookies

Drink – water based, like homemade chia water or electrolyte drink. Of course, plain ‘ol water is always good but it’s fun to mix it up.

Chia Water: Take a few sips of water out of the bottled water. Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and top off with your child’s favorite juice. Mix well and let it set in the fridge overnight. The chia seeds become gelatinous and create a fun “textured” drink.  The consistency tastes a lot like drinking melting gelatin. My son loves it.


I hope you have been inspired by some super mom ideas. You can visit Dr. Josie’s blog at We have a huge job educating our children on how to make great healthy choices in their day to day diet. What we do today, will in return determine how healthy they are in their 30’s and 40’s. Have a great and healthy school year…

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