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Dean Schaefer is a great friend of mine as well as my personal mobile 911 center, he is very highly regarded holistic medical practitioner whose methods have worked wonders on my own body as well as my mind and my spirit. Dean has always had a special energy to him which he has pursued and mastered various bodywork therapies and energy practices. In 1991 Dean became a Master Instructor at the Touch Therapy Institute in Southern California, and from his 29 years of practice and experience in healing arts, wellness coaching, and public speaking. I am happy to have the opportunity to share his wisdom and his genius with you all !! Dean is the guy I have on speed dial, when I need a word of wisdom or simply I’m freaking out from stress at 3am while traveling he is the man that will get the job done. Take it away brother ! – Fabio

You know it’s all connected, right? The mind-body, the body-mind; they cannot be separated. Your thoughts and your feelings affect your health down to the cellular level; and likewise the state of your body affects your ability to think clearly and efficiently. Although stress is a normal part of daily life, worrying undermines the body’s ability to heal itself and thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of the lack of health and overall wellness. This, again, is because of what we think and focus upon eventually manifests right before our own very eyes, as symptoms and disease. When you are hurt or sick, and don’t check your thoughts, meaning you excessively think about how bad you’re feeling or how bad you hurt, you continue to get more of the same. Your health and your wellness begin by righting the mind and taking control of the thoughts that you keep and from which your emotion generates. I believe it’s impossible to maintain a healthy body with a mind that generates and focuses upon thoughts of illness, sickness and negativity. Feelings and emotions can directly affect the immune system’s ability to defend itself and inhibit the body from functioning at its optimum level in response to the constantly changing moment-to-moment demands of life.

Your emotions matter to your body. Numerous studies have shown that depressed people are more susceptible to becoming ill. Your emotions directly affect the body’s inflammatory response, or what we call inflammation. Inflammation is the immune system’s response to many threats and is linked to many illnesses. When people feel hopeless, helpless or just down in general, it greatly affects the biochemistry of one’s body and begins to throw many body systems out of balance. This out-of-balance manifestation also directly affects the mental attitude, which then becomes out of balance, because of how one physically feels. When you are mentally and physically out of balance, your body reacts with inflammation. Many scientists believe that all chronic disease begins with some sort of inflammation. Inflammation has been linked to heart disease, strokes, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma and many other conditions.

By contrast, people who feel happiness and joy experience a positive impact on the biochemical functions of the body. This positive impact translates into a healthier and happier mental attitude and physical health. When you have a healthier and happier attitude towards life, you tend to do things that are more beneficial.  Things like exercise, being more consciously aware of a balanced diet, more positive streams of thoughts, will all help lift your spirit to a better experience.

Because your mind and body is so connected, it is very important to be aware of choosing and generating thoughts and feelings that are in line with your desired wellness. Focusing your thoughts on wholeness and being healthy is the key to maintaining balance. Regardless of how you are feeling or what you may be experiencing, it is imperative that you stay focused on the desired goal – the goal of absolute wellness. It is important to remember that you generate you own stress in your life, which causes inflammation, by resisting whatever it may be that you are experiencing at that moment. Stress is directly related to your reaction(s), and your reactions are usually rooted out of fear and because you don’t like to experience fear, so subsequently you resist. The daily cycle of worrying, fear and general stress can escalate the body’s chronic fight or flight reaction. This can lead to uncontrollable anxiety and tension. If left unchecked, it can lead down a path of poor health and illness.

This cycle of fear and resistance can only begin to be tamed by becoming aware and choosing better thoughts that will generate better feelings. Full awareness begins when you step away from reactionary patterns of fear and choose to respond from a stance of possible growth and enlightenment. The view of possible growth and enlightenment are achieved when you can look deeply within yourself and seek to become better, regardless of what you may be experiencing. This means recognizing that every experience (good, bad or indifferent) offers the potential for enlightenment and growth

I know it sounds cliché, but happiness is the way; it is not a destination. Happiness and joy can be tapped into at any time, when you choose a better reaction and/or feeling. When it comes to lingering reactions, the choice is always yours. What I mean by this is that within a moment, because of your fight or flight response system, you are not always in the mindset to choose your first response.  However, you can always choose how you are going to continue to respond moving forward. And like many people have said, do you want to be right or do you want to be peaceful? For me, in choosing a better reaction, I want to always be peaceful. If I choose to be right, more often than not, I will be surrendering my own sense of joy and happiness to accomplish no-thing, as a result of wanting to be right. Joy and happiness should always be your desired state; for joy and happiness nourish and heal the mind/body like nothing else can.

Understanding the connection of the mind and the body is the beginning to living a healthier, happier life. It’s important to become aware of unproductive, habitual thoughts that block you from experiencing your life at its optimum level, mentally and physically. To help develop the synergy of the mind-body connection, it is important to question your thoughts, and learn how to love yourself unconditionally. By questioning your thoughts, you become aware of the ones that serve your best interest and of the ones that are destructive and harmful to your physical and mental well-being. By learning how to love yourself unconditionally, and choosing more positive thoughts, you will begin to build an all-powerful energetic field of healing and balanced energy. An energetic field, where joy and happiness are the norm, will result in your life being full and rich in happiness and health.


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