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The body is a wonderfully-designed, self-healing organism, which has the ability to repair and completely heal, when supplied with the proper requirements of health and wellness. The basic requirements for proper health and wellness begin with a healthy mind, generating healthy thoughts and ends with the physical care of our bodies. In most cases, we are not even aware of the day-to-day healing that our body innately does as a healing organism.  This self-healing ranges from bumps, bruises and cuts to illness and disease, most healing on its own and without any thought, action or intention set by us. This is because our bodies were designed to be healthy, whole and self-sustaining, when given the basic essentials for living. However, when we are out of balance and not in touch with our true essence of a balanced mind-body and spirit, we sometimes experience a slower rate of healing or no healing at all. Because of this, many times, we give little credence to the ability we all possess of self-healing. Unfortunately a lot of people stop believing in the possibility of health and wellness when a doctor or health professional tells us there is no more they can do for us. This is mainly because of our social conditioning that doctors know all and if a doctor cannot help, there is nothing more that can be done. The truth is, when a doctor states there is nothing more they can do for us, it only means the true healing begins elsewhere. And this elsewhere can begin with our own self-healing.

The power of self-healing can only come from one place and that is from within. It must start with a belief that complete healing is in fact possible and has already taken place; this is about owning our power and realizing we were designed to heal. Self-healing continues with thoughts of wellness and health and requires physical work to ensure the food and water we ingest is pure and clean. It also requires adequate amounts of sleep, rest and the ability to put our bodies in motion through exercise, if possible. The first steps of self-healing begin with an intention that allows the mind, body and spirit to move in the same direction with a synergistic approach.

It is always powerful to see the disease or illness as an opportunity to learn and grow from the experience. It is important to know that you are not your disease, that in fact, your disease is a byproduct of conscious and unconscious thoughts allowed to continue without being checked. On the lesser end, our diseases and illnesses might have begun on some level due to a weakening of body systems because of our internal and external environments, i.e., toxins. Weakening of body systems is usually a result of the continuance of weak and unhealthy conscious / unconscious thought patterns. I say this because it is a known fact that everyone has cancer cells in their body, but not everybody has cancer. This is because some people have stronger immune systems than others due to physical and mental habits that either strengthen or weaken their immune systems. When our immune systems are weak, the potential for an unwanted host to enter our bodily systems is accelerated. This awareness helps to bring into focus the opportunity that any disease or illness can bring to us new growth and wisdom, in the form of changing our behavior once realized, to create a better homeostasis.

When actively pursuing self-healing, it is important to remember your mental focus, which must be on healing and wellness only. You cannot heal a body while holding thoughts and beliefs of sickness and illness. Mentally focusing on healing and wellness includes the use of your imagination – visualizing yourself interacting with life as healthy, whole and complete. The use of this technique utilizes the power of “emotional awareness”. It is important to imagine and feel the emotion your mind and body would capture, when seeing yourself interacting with life as healthy, whole and complete. For the capturing and feeling of emotion is a powerful energy magnet that helps keep the mind aligned with your heart’s desire of health, wellness and allows you to attract the necessary energy within yourself to heal. Action follows thought, and because of this, every thought you consciously create has the potential to generate an active emotional response of matching action, or better put, the manifestation of thought.

Another great approach in self-healing is listening from within and feeling the language our bodies are speaking through symptoms that we experience. Yes, the symptom we experience, acute, chronic or otherwise, is the language of the body. Sometimes the language of the body can be very literal, for example, tightness / stiffness in the neck and shoulders can result from carrying the heaviness of emotional burden. For the pain within someone’s knees might be a result from fear of moving forward. There are many literal interpretations that coincide with the way our body is responding and there are many not so literal interpretations of why our body is reacting adversely. But regardless of the symptom that is being expressed by our body, the root cause is always connected to a subconscious emotional response; an emotional response from a time and place where we didn’t harness the skillset or have a supportive environment to respond properly when faced with a heavy emotion. Listening from within requires us to become still enough to feel the emotions that reveal themselves when we tune in directly to our disease or illness. If we open our mind and become still, then connect to any imbalance, it’ll bring awareness to an emotion. Allowing that emotion to surface is the beginning of healing the subconscious patterns of that particular disease or illness. It is important to feel the emotion, give gratitude to it, send it love and then release it without any bias or judgment. This step is to be repeated over and over until an emotional response can no longer be felt or heard within your disease or illness. It really is as simple as that.

Everyone possesses the ability to heal themselves.  It’s just a matter of believing that it is possible and becoming proactive and responsible moving forward. These techniques and awarenesses can help anyone, along the path of self-healing, reach greater successes than they could have possibly imagined. It seems to me that there is at least one person who has overcome each and every disease known. And so my thinking follows, if this is truth, then the availability to heal from any and all diseases known to mankind is available to each of us. It just becomes a matter of how much we believe in ourselves and in our ability to self-heal.


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