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It’s that time of year again where we reflect upon our life and decide if we would like to choose a new direction by way of New Year’s resolutions. Most people have many reasons for setting new resolutions, whether it is health, happiness, wealth or a general state of just well-being. And all of them are justified for one reason or another and usually are put forward with the best of intentions. The truth is we shouldn’t necessarily wait until the beginning of the New Year to begin the action steps of change in our lives.

There is no better time for change than the moment you decide you need it. And as we all know, that happens throughout our lives, throughout the many days of any one year, and with no particular regularity. The important thing to remember is that we can change any and all things within our life, by changing the way we think and feel first. Initially, all change begins with a thought that you would like to experience something different from your current reality. Next, to initiate the mechanisms of change, you must become introspective and decide what it is exactly that you would like to change. When you decide on what you would like to change, it is very important to remember the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for.”

The universe is constantly responding to your every thought followed by an impulse of emotion. One of the great challenges many people have in becoming aware of thought patterns, is the true lack of awareness of their own repetitive thoughts and beliefs. This is why I use the word “exactly” in the second step. It is very easy to think of the many things that you’d like to experience and/or create within your life.  However, it’s a much more difficult challenge to specifically pinpoint to a more deliberate target of desire, using direction of your mind, thoughts and feelings. This is mainly due to what I call, an “uncontrolled monkey mind.”

This uncontrolled monkey mind induces a mechanism of habitual thoughts, unchecked random feelings and beliefs systems that aid in the creation of unwanted experiences.  It is important that you go deep inside to investigate each and every thought and the reasons for wanting to change things within your life. This is not about the change that the universe imposes on us because of new experiences and lessons that are pertinent to our continued soul development and evolution. What I’m talking about is the unwanted change that can be traced back through our previous thoughts and beliefs, with a little investigation and honesty of self. This is not about the type of change that with a little awareness and insight could have had a completely different outcome, if you knew “exactly” what you truly wanted.

When you have decided upon exactly what you would like to create, it is important to 1) gather the necessary thoughts and feelings that you believe will help initiate the creative process and 2) identify the desired emotion you expect to feel as a result of your creation. These steps are important, because if our mind (brain) and our feelings (heart) are not in direct alignment, the creative process in our minds becomes garbled. If your desire is to experience peace and this is truly in your heart as a feeling, but your uncontrolled monkey mind is thinking thoughts of fear, anger, disappointment, grief or other negative judgments, then the creative process for peace cannot develop. If your heart wants peace, you must generate peaceful thoughts. If your heart wants love, you must produce loving thoughts. If you want balance and harmony in your life, you must produce thoughts that are in direct alignment with balance and harmony. If you seek financial abundance, but in the background of your mind you are condemning others for their financial abundance, you are in a mode of self-sabotage.  Envy, jealousy, lack of financial abundance becomes your true energy vibration. So again, if you desire wealth, you must produce thoughts that are indicative of wealth.

If your heart and your mind are not aligned with the same vibrational impulses, the ability to create what you desire becomes a difficult task, perhaps even impossible. The background uncontrolled monkey mind that is running the show becomes your own unique and powerful attractor field. So powerful in fact, that the unwanted experiences in your life can be traced back to the monkey mind; but you have to be willing to get honest enough with yourself to discover it. To become aware of how powerful and creative your mind and feelings are, full investigation of every thought and belief is absolutely necessary.

Change can be a scary concept for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be; especially the change that you are choosing and therefore are in control of. Do your best not to limit yourself to change to just once a year. Choose to implement change as often as you would like to continue to grow and develop. Change is a beautiful and a wonderful thing; it shows continued growth and awareness, while walking along this path called life. If you initiate change, then your ability to adapt and embrace it will become your greatest teacher. Without change, you would never grow and learn.  And what kind of stagnant life would that be?

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