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I simply love the slang you guys have, #TeamFabio!  My English isn’t the best, but it’s getting better day by day.  At a cooking demo I did a couple of weeks ago, one guest stumbled into the room where we’re learning how to make roasted chicken.  The security saw that the man was slightly intoxicated and told the gentleman to “take a hike.”  I then said to the crowd, “Guys, I love hiking!  Why would he tell him that??”  I was then told that the expression was meant to convey “go do something else” or “go someplace else.”  It had nothing to do with hiking!  And although that had nothing to do with hiking, this does!  All outdoor activities, actually.  Whether you are on the water, roaming the hills, or just taking a day trip with your best friend, you have to make sure you are doing it right!
So what’s a good place to visit?  What makes something good or bad in your eyes?  To me, just because someone is talking about it, doesn’t mean that it’s something I should check out.  For instance, if someone is talking about an app that cuts down trees via Wi-Fi, I’ll check that crap out in a heartbeat!  But if someone told me the new spring line of Jocq and Co. was out now, I probably wouldn’t turn my head.  All that’s to say is that your idea of what’s good or bad might not be someone else’s idea.  Take all my suggestions as just that – suggestions.  When it comes to food, I’m usually rolling the dice straight.  Everything else, view at your own risk! HAHA
Any trip should be seen like a story is written.  There should be a start, middle, and finish.  Every new adventure should be worthy of a story, no matter how good or bad it may be.  Here are some of my picks of what to do on your day off and how to enjoy it to the max!
•    Pick a Height – These boots were made for walkin’, people!  Most cities and towns have a highest point of elevation.  And if you aren’t close to the one provided, take a quick drive!  One of my friends from Louisiana was telling me how in his area of town, they have made it into a historic landmark.  Tons of hills and back trails to explore, taking you eventually to the highest point above sea level!  Great for exercise and sight seeing.
•    Pack light, Pack right – Don’t let extra weight slow you down, America.  Enjoy some trail mix on the road with a bottle or two of water.  Everything else can be found while out.  If you want to make your own mix, I’ve got a great recipe!  Combine 1 cup each peanuts, cashews, pistachios, and walnuts in a bowl.  Toss with 2 tbsp sugar, honey, and dried oregano.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Lay onto a sheet tray, toss 2 cups dried fruit on top, and bake at 350*F for 15-20 minutes until the nuts have roasted slightly.  Once out, let cool completely and store in airtight containers.  This mix will keep you going throughout the day! #BOOM
•    Frisbee Golf – Have you heard of this, guys?  I suck at golf, so I was totally on board to use a Frisbee in the mix!  You basically are grabbing exercise while playing a form of Frisbee.  You have nets that catch the Frisbee at certain points of the course.  Just like golf, instead of using clubs, you use your hands to “hit the ball.”  It’s becoming more popular and peeked my interests.  Although I haven’t done it very many times, friends of mine have brought it to my attention and I thought I’d pass it on to you all!  I mean what’s not to enjoy about being outside and enjoying a little competition? Give it a try and tell me what you think!
No matter how you are choosing to “take a hike,” do it with every intention of having a good time.  If you don’t think that you are going to have fun doing something, then you’ll be miserable the whole day.  Live life with a sense of imagination!  Your day is what you make of it.  Good can be found in any aspect of your life whether enjoying a nice day outside or spending time exploring a new area of town with friends.  If you can give a new activity a try, I’ll help be your tour guide and take care of the rest!  Happy travels and adventures!! #GetOutdoors