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Are you in a season of being humbled? Are things in your personal life or in your health just not going in the direction you thought it would? Be joyful for the humble times, because in due time, God will bless you for staying faithful. Today, I was reminded of this verse, “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time He will lift you up in honor.” 1 Peter 5:6. Here is God’s promise to you and me! Hang in there and be a good steward of what He has called you do. Then, at the right time, He will promote you and raise you up. Maybe you are going through a tough season of hardships in your finances, health, or relationships. I want to encourage you to press through it because your promotion or breakthrough is on its way.


The word humble is found over 60 times in the Bible. God blesses those who are humble in all that they do.


What does humility look like to you? What has humbled you? Humble beginnings is where we grow and our true character comes out. Having gone through some gut wrenching treatments and surgeries over the past 3 years has put me on my knees. There has been nothing more humbling than going through 12 weeks of chemotherapy. I recently heard from a reader who just finished 7 months of chemo! God bless her, for I know what that feels like. Feeling sick, then knowing you are going to be sick, then continue to do it week after week is humbling to the core. These experiences help keep my ego in check for the things I do now.


How about your business or job? It’s humbling when things are not moving or going as easy as they could. That’s when God gets my attention! For me, when the income stops flowing, I have to check myself and see who’s in the driver’s seat. Am I taking over and putting God in the back seat?


I recently visited Maui with my husband. It is our favorite place to vacation and get away. While swimming with the sea turtles, fish and seeing the amazing coral, it was very humbling to see how big my God is. He is in all of creation and there is so much that we don’t see from the surface. Then, in the beauty of the sunset, I watched the waves crash over the rocks. The strength and power of the waves was so overwhelming. You have to surrender!


Being humble allows me to be fully out of the way in what God is trying to do. Whether it’s meeting with a friend, praying with a patient, or creating a project or business, it’s always better when I get out of the way.


Humility continues to be a big piece I have to learn on my own healing journey. If I continue to control everything and direct everything, where does that leave God? When I stay open for His guidance, you would not believe the amazing things that happen. A new blessing occurs in my health, my finances or even my relationships. Sometimes God takes you through boot camp in order to prune you or smooth off some rough edges, so He can better use you to help others. I love how God is always in the business of using your gifts and talents to help others. For me, that is the ultimate gift and where I want to stay.


Maybe you have started with humble beginnings which is your driving force in life right now. What a gift! Or maybe God is bringing you to your knees as we speak. I pray that you stay open to the challenge and know that you are close. He will rise you up soon and get you through this challenge very quickly.  Every week, I hear of people in pain, depression, despair, financial distress or even a new diagnosis. The key is how you respond to it. Are you going to let the experience flow through you and learn from it? Or are you going to resist the process entirely? Trick question, I know. I have been there and still get pulled into the undertow of resistance. I am trying to not resist the path I am on, because there are sweet gems along the way that I may miss.


I want to encourage you and inspire you to stay open to what’s on your plate these days. The more you stay open and accept the challenges that are coming your way, the easier it will be for you and your body. The resistance to the situation could make your journey longer and even create issues in your body.


You can do it! Surrender and give it God. All of it!


I love hearing from you! Share with me your most humbling moments. What have you learned? What would you like to share with others?


You are the best,



Loving God, Loving People,



Dr. Angie