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1) Let’s assume that I don’t know you. In a few sentences, please share with my readers why the world can use more of you? To show people how effortless and easy it can be to cook healthy from scratch at home even when on a tight budget and time limited. I think this would improve a lot of health issues and it is how I have managed to improve my health even when battling an autoimmune disorder to the point where I no longer take medications. I would like all to be able to do the same.


2) What is one food you love and could not live without? Avocado, cilantro, lime, rice What is your least favorite food that you wish would disappear from the face of the earth, and why? Balsamic vinegar –It covers the flavor of everything and it is so overused.


3) What is one thing you wish you had time to do but currently doesn’t fit into your busy schedule? Go back to school


4) What is the weirdest things you have ever eaten and where were you? Fried ants “hormigas culonas” in Bucaramanga Colombia


5) What is the one meal that reminds you most of your childhood/family? “Arroz con pollo” Chicken and rice and Dad’s brandied shrimp


6) What would be the last meal you would want to eat/make if you only had 1 more day to live? The 2 above


7) What is the hardest dish that you have ever had to make?/ Is there a dish that you have still never successfully completed? German Saur Braten and the potato balls that go with it. Getting the balance right is complicated


8) Breakfast, lunch, & dinner: What would be your perfect 3-square meal?


Soft Boiled egg, avocado, cilantro and jalapeño on top of a multi-grain toast


Arroz con pollo


Porterhouse Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Fennel Arugula and Avocado Salad


9) Of course you want 2014 to be a good one. If all else fails, what would you want your one and biggest success to be? To obtain balance in life


10) What is your most prized possession? My dog “Salsita” my grandmother’s jewelry, coat and silver and my dad’s epaulettes