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One of the trips I made to Alaska included an absolutely fantastic trip down to the Kenai Peninsula and out to Homer. I flew in to Anchorage, and we drove south on the Seward Highway out past Girdwood and Mt. Alyeska and down to the end of the Turnagain Arm. The peninsula extends out about 150 miles. Almost as soon as we turned to go towards Homer, there was a moose cow and her baby right alongside the road! It was spectacular! Here I was about 25 feet away from a huge moose! She just gracefully raised her head as to say hello and welcome and then continued grazing on the grass. Check here latest king crab legs price.

I had heard about the Kenai River. It’s where everyone goes to salmon fish in Alaska. But when I saw it for the first time, I had to stop the car and just get out and look in amazement. I had never seen a river so clear and the color of a grey, turquoise blue. It was absolutely breathtaking. Seeing this river run through the meadows surrounded by the jagged, snowcapped mountains which simply breathtaking. You could look down into the clear water and see the salmon swimming upstream. It appeared that you could just reach out and grab one of them! Instead, each side of the river was lined with men and women in rubber wading pants, fishing poles in hand, all hoping to “catch the big one”! When one of them actually got a bite and had a fish on line, they would yell out “Fish On!” Everyone would quickly pull in their fishing line and watch as this person would run up and down the side of the river as the fish tried to get away. Once the fish was pulled in to the shore, everyone immediately threw out their lines once again and hoped the next one would be theirs! It was hilarious! These people were lined up every 3 or 4 feet apart!

There are only certain places along the river that it is like this. There are other places that remain serene and peaceful, but are not as easily accessible. Those are the ones I love. Driving further on the Kenai, I passed through the small towns of Soldotna and Seldovia then on to Kenai and finally to Homer. When I reached Homer, I drove onto the”Spit”. Picturesque does not do it justice. It is “where the road ends”. The Spit overlooks Kachemak Bay and The Gulf of Alaska.

I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant that we ate at that first night. We sat down and each ordered an Alaska King Crab dinner. What was served from the kitchen was truly a feast! Platters of huge Alaska King Crab legs filled each plate with extra drawn butter for dipping. By far, this was the most tender and sweet crab I’ve ever eaten. I have never had anything better! To even try to explain how delicious it was is difficult. The meat in the legs was at least 1 inch thick and the legs were at least 16-18″ long. It was so delicious that we ordered another platter for dessert!

The real exciting experience for me in Homer was going out on a fishing charter for halibut. As we left the harbor on this small fishing boat that was about 35 feet long, I was awestruck with the beauty that surrounded me every way I looked. This is where I saw my first Puffin. These fat little water birds with their bright orange hooked beaks were everywhere! There were seals and sea otters swimming everywhere in the water and bald eagles soaring above us. Kachemak Bay is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and glaciers.