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What’s better than a bowl of Vanilla Gelato #TeamFabio? Two bowls that you didn’t have to pay for!  That has nothing to do with our topic of today, but hopefully it brought a big smile to your face. What makes a kitchen a kitchen? That’s a great question, probably with too many answers to count.  I look for things to have in my kitchen that can arrive for double duty.  I’m a multitasking guy 8 days a week, 25 hours a day.  Things have to make sense around me in order for me to get the best results.  So for now, forget about the backsplash, the cutting boards, and the cabinets – we are talking about the first 10 kitchen tools that you need in your kitchen to get 99% of the things you need done.  The other 1% is Fabio.  Well, either me or the band Imagine Dragons – they are pretty freaking awesome too.  As a side note, get a barrel of monkeys for the kitchen too.  These aren’t on the list, but I just like monkeys.  Don’t hate guys.  Having a childlike heart keeps you young!


  1. 1.            Wooden Spoon – Kid tested and Grandma approved.  Use as drumstick for your 3 year old that wants to start their own kitchen rock band, or for mixing your family heirloom recipe of beef stew and potatoes, the wooden spoon is crucial.  There’s just something about it.  Every mark, every burn, every scratch tells a story. Grab one with either a rounded end or flat end.


  1. 2.            Tongs – Who doesn’t want more hands?? I sure as hell do!  Tongs are simply an extension of your hand.  For today’s modern kitchen, grab ones that have a lock to keep them closed for keeping the kitchen tidy.  Also, go for ones with high temperature plastic tips.  These work the best with non-stick pans to make sure they stay scratch free


  1. 3.            Whisk – Great for beating and whipping – except the kids……use a belt for that! Fabio is all about discipline for reinforcement in the kitchen.  Pull out the whisk when you need to get eggs ready or mix pancake batter.  Whisks help to incorporate air into things and mix things better, since they have space for the food to pass through unlike a spoon or fork.  Look for one with a good handle.


  1. 4.          Spatula – Plastic is best and go for a high temperature rating.  Nothing worse than making an omelet and seeing half your spatula disappear! It’s the worst America.  Use a spatula for getting EVERYTHING out of bowls and plates.  It will help save you money and maybe get you enough batter for that extra cupcake to keep your kids at bay.  Fabio Viviani aka Kid problem solver genius! #Boom


  1. 5.          Grater/Zester – It’s all about the finishing touches.  Parmesan, zest, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.  Sometimes the littlest bit of flavor with transform a dish into something different and add that extra note you are looking for.  Citrus isn’t just good for its juice, for also for its outer layer, the peel.  Use a grater to remove this to add to dipping sauces or on top of fish.  Grate ginger into a cookie batter or chicken with ease, or take those meatballs and hit them with the grated Parmesan, fresh off the block instead of the pre-done stuff.  Great as a back scratcher when you really need it as well!!


  1. 6.          Peeler – Potatoes are great with or without the skin.  Peelers are great for making vegetables ribbons or removing citrus zest in whole pieces to chop.  I prefer the peelers that have the blade running horizontally, rather than vertical.  Whatever style you like will make no difference in its performance.


  1. 7.          Garlic Press – Yes, I have one and I’m not ashamed of it.  I know you can mince garlic with a knife, but maybe you aren’t that good with a knife.  With a single press of the handle, you instantly have garlic for bread, pasta, or a marinade.  Your hands don’t get sticky, and there is literally minimal clean up.


  1. 8.            Can Opener – It’s fine to have one that plugs into the wall, but maybe a zombie apocalypse happens and you are left in the woods with no electricity??  That’s right; Fabio is always here to make sure you are protected from the food standpoint!  These are kid friendly and will help encourage your kids to get in there with you.
  2. 9.            Measuring Spoons/Cups – I’m a “grams” type of guy, but America doesn’t roll that way.  Look into any cookbook or recipe online and it’s all about tsp. and Tbsp.  Get one set of quality measuring spoons and cups and you’ll be set.  If you want to get fancy, grab a set that has cups within cups.  What I mean is that they fold in to act as more than one cup.  No need for more than one set, because then you start to have clutter.


  1. 10.        Digital Scale – Like I said earlier, I’m a grams guy.  I have no problem with using other forms of measurement, but personally, I think that weighing things gets the job done quicker and cleaner.  It’s also nice if you are trying to stick to strict diet and need to portion your food. This is great for baking, measuring your morning coffee, or maybe being specific if wanting to try your hand at some intermediate gastronomy!


Go grab these today and get started on having your kitchen fully equipped for all your friends and family.  Yes, a lettuce knife sounds cute and all, but you don’t need it.  Nor do you need an egg slicer – Come on America!  I’m giving you the golden ticket for what I have in my kitchen and a great place to start with your kitchen building utensils.  See anything you think I missed?  Let me know via Twitter @Fabioviviani and let me know on Facebook how beat up your wooden spoons are! #Letstalkabout #Fabio101