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I’m rushing to make some great food with a beautiful atmosphere for my Thanksgiving guests. The table is set with adorned napkins, glasses and very special china on which we will be serving dinner. The problem? The china has a pastel color palette. It definitely looked more “Easter” than “Thanksgiving.”  I needed something to bridge the gap… to bring my “spring” china to “autumn.” This would require deeper hues, darker colors, something that would add a homier, richer feel to my table.
Rather than buy new dishes, or spend a bundle on new accessories, I decided to whip up a fast and fabulous accent from stuff I (and probably you) already have on hand. These are my Wine Glass Lampshades. This is one of my all-time fave decor/entertaining crafts.

These shades are an easy way to update table décor or add some sparkle to a mantel. They’re a snap to make, fun to decorate and create wonderful focal points. They add color, texture, dimension and illumination. Plus they can be adapted for any holiday or seasonal gathering.

Even though these shades are made from paper, which seems like a no-no with candles, the wine glasses generally hold the paper far enough from the flame that there is no risk of them catching fire. Do test yours, though, just to be safe— or you’ll be serving turkey flambé. (Which, I’m sure the firefighters would appreciate.)

To make your own Wine Glass Lampshades, you’ll need the following items:

8½” x 11” or 12” x 12” Vellum — each shade will require one sheet of paper
Rubber stamps— I prefer large 4” x 5” stamps
Stamp pads – dye based
Scissors or craft knife
Double sided adhesive strips or tape
Decorative-edge scissors (optional)
Wine glasses
Votive candles— standard or battery operated
Beads, glitter, etc. (optional)

Vellum is a translucent paper-like plastic, and it works beautifully for this project, because it allows the candlelight to glow through. Very pretty, and frankly, ladies… everyone looks better in candlelight, right?
First, download the shade template. You can find it here. Cut out the shade from vellum. Test the size with your desired wine glasses before cutting and decorating all the shades. You may need to adjust the size of the template on your printer (reduce or enlarge) if your glasses are smaller or larger than the standard size used.
If desired, use decorative-edge scissors to create border design along the bottom rim.
Apply ink to your rubber stamp. If using a large stamp, lay stamp on work surface, stamp side up. It’s easier to get a good impression if you lay the paper on top of the stamp rather than the reverse.

Lay paper over stamp, and press paper gently into the stamp to make sufficient contact. Carefully lift paper and reposition until paper is completely covered with stamped decoration. Reapply ink inbetween, if necessary. Because vellum is a non-porous material, the ink may take more time to dry than when using on paper. Handle with care until it’s dry!

To assemble, apply the adhesive strip to one of the short sides of the shade. Attach the other side by overlapping. Burnish with the handle of scissors or a spoon to make sure the tape holds.

Variations: You can use almost any kind of paper to make these shades. Light cardstock works very well, but since it’s opaque, the candlelight will only show above and below the shade. If desired, the shades can be further embellished with any number of techniques. Add glitter, beads, cut-outs… let your imagination run wild. I’ve even made shades for non-stemmed highball glasses, which offers a slightly more contemporary look.

They’re easy, versatile and SO beautiful.  Your kids can help make shades; you can even make them as place settings, by writing guest’s names with a metallic pen. Your table will be unforgettable. Let your creativity run wild. Happy Thanksgiving!

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