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Week of 9/18/2012

How everybody like the comfort foods of last week ?? I hope you all enjoyed sharing memories with your family.

For this week, it is all about chicken, chicken, chicken !! Why ?? Because September is National Chicken Month AND who doesn’t love chicken ?? Well…maybe vegetarians…; )
For my blog this week, I want to share with you the meanings of some cooking words that have to do with chicken/meat that you may not know…this stuff can be confusing !! Here you go:

  • Braise- when you brown meat or veggies in a small amount of hot fat…then cook slowly in medium amount of liquid in an oven or on a stovetop
  • Broil- cooking food by putting it in direct heat under the broiler of a gas/electric range, electric broiler, or over open fire
  • Deep-Fry- making food to have a crisp golden-brown crust by cooking it in enough fat that covers the food completely (some food will need to be breaded )
  • Deglaze- after you brown meats or veggies, you add wine or stock to the pan on HIGH heat & then you combine the burnt/brown/sticky coloring that’s left in the pan with the wine/stock
  • Fricassee- cook pieces of meat/fowl by first braising it and then serve it with a thickened sauce
  • Hack- cutting up chicken with a cleaver into big bite-size pieces and keeping the bone (which keeps meat moist while it is cooking) kind going at it like Jason in Friday 13 ; )
  • Julienne- to cut food into very thin strips, make sure finger are out of the way
  • Pan-Fry- cooking food in small amounts of fat on stovetop, this is a bit messy for the stove, lots of spill normally
  • Poach- cooking delicate foods in almost simmering liquid..but being VERY CAREFUL that your food holds its shape
  • Pound- flatten meats & poultry using a meat mallet (I call it the “Punisher”) or rolling pin…this tenderizes tough meat and makes sure your food has even cooking throughout
  • Sauté- fry food very lightly until it is golden in just a SMALL amount of hot fat on your stovetop…don’t forget to turn it continuously !!
  • Sear- to cook your food at VERY high temperature in oven or on top of range for a short time…just enough time to quickly get a brown crust on the surface of the meat
  • Skewer- cooking different foods such as chicken or meat on a long, thin metal pin or a hard rosemary sprig
  • Truss- when you tie your meat with metal or wooden pins/skewers/sting to help hold the shape of the meat while you are cooking it

Did that help ?? I hope so….
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