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Lighting in the Dining Room

A stylish accent lamp is an essential part of any dining room. Accent lighting not only puts your delicious dishes on display, it creates the inviting glow and warm atmosphere that gathers everyone around the table.

Still, the standard white or beige lampshade can be a little drab. Adding decoration to existing lighting is an easy way to punch up the personality without buying something brand new.

How to Make a Ruffled Lampshade
Ruffles are popular in decor styles from coastal to rustic because they provide color, charm, and texture. Even better, ruffled lampshades are easy to DIY for exactly the look you want.

This tutorial will cover how to make a lampshade with a ruffle around the bottom or an entirely ruffled shade.
What You’ll Need
Ribbon, wired or unwired
Hot glue gun
Optional: fabric, clothes iron
5 Simple Steps
Choose Ribbon

To decide on ribbon, match the style of your room. Linen and chambray create a rustic farmhouse feel, while shiny satin has a formal and traditional vibe. For a touch of sweetness, choose a pretty floral or striking stripes.

Prep Your Shade
First, wipe the lampshade with a damp cloth and let it dry completely. Next, you can leave the original base color or cover the shade with fabric. A base design is not needed if the original shade goes with your ribbon or if you’re covering the whole thing in ruffles.
For a fabric base, cut a piece of material slightly wider than the shade so there’s a little extra to tuck around the edges and glue to the back. As you wrap the shade, pull fabric taut for a smooth effect.

Create the Ruffle
For one ruffle around the bottom, cut the ribbon slightly longer than the shade’s circumference. For an entirely ruffled design, cut strips about 1.5 times the shade’s length.

If you’re using a wired ribbon, create ruffles by exposing the wire on one side. Pull the wire out slightly, and push the fabric in the opposite direction. Do the same to the other side and remove excess wire.

If your ribbon isn’t wired, fold it lengthwise. Lightly ironing this crease makes attaching the ribbon to the shade easier. Next, fold the ribbon accordion-style to make ruffles.

Attach the Ruffle
For a ruffle at the bottom only, spread glue around the shade’s base and attach your ruffle at the center of the ribbon.

If you want the whole piece to look ruffled, place several strips next to each other vertically all the way around the lamp. Glue at the center of the ribbon and manipulate the folds as you go. Ruffles in different sizes and directions create a fuller effect.

Finishing Touches
Wait for the glue to dry, then fill in any gaps with more ribbon. Make sure to tuck and glue or cut away any extra pieces at the top and bottom of the shade.
Once you let everything dry, place the shade on your lamp and display it for all your friends and family. This project works for anything from table lamps to drum chandeliers and adds a wealth of design for a fraction of the cost.

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