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Your life operates through the images and ideas of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. If your mind is restricted in its ability to think beyond what it is experiencing, you will continue to create the same experience over and over. To generate change and new experiences, you must generate new thoughts, ideas and feelings that match the intended goal. If you continually think and believe you have been shorted in life, you will continue to experience the shortness of life. The creative mind of the universe only operates through us because of thought impulses of energy which we create. If the thought impulses being generated are restrictive in their nature, the outcome can only be restrictive. Your ability to expand your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs is the single most important action that you need to take to begin the action of change. The universe is creative in nature and does not give any more importance or use more energy to create a penny over infinite wealth. The only difference in the two become your own ability to truly believe either one is possible.
To better help understand the infinite possibilities of the creative mind, think of the ocean as an infinite source of water and the water represents everything that is potentially able to be created. Next, think of your belief system as a pipe that allows the volume of water you believe to be available to create your life. Everybody knows a 2 inch diameter pipe will only allow a 2 inch diameter stream of water. So let’s say, you operate your life with a 2 inch diameter pipe, which represents the belief and volume of your creative mind that you allow to flow through you, thus creating the direct experience you call your life. Now, imagine taking that 2 inch pipe and dipping it into the infinite source of water we are calling the ocean for this purpose. The 2 inch pipe that you are dipping into the ocean, in relative terms, does not take away from the volume of the ocean. You can see the amount of infinite possibility that is not being allowed to flow, because of your own beliefs and limits to your thoughts. By increasing the diameter of your own pipe, or the conduit for the stream of creative mind you choose, you can increase the flow of creative mind and spirit through your life. The creative ability of the universe is truly infinite and thus offers you the availability and abundance of whatever you may desire, as long as you believe it is possible and think with an unrestricted mind.
The life you experience is truly just a reflection, the same reflection that a mirror would cast back, of the images, thoughts and beliefs you hold dominant within your mind. You cannot say that your life is limited or unfair once you truly understand that your own thought patterns are the only thing limiting your direct experience. If you continually think in terms of lack, you will continually experience conditions of lack. The mindset of lack comes in many forms, such as a lack of money, health, happiness, opportunities, relationships, etc. But the bottom line remains, if you believe and think you don’t have – you will prove yourself right more often than not.
To begin the process of changing the mental limits you induce upon yourself, start by becoming aware in the moment and question any and all thoughts that do not resonate with your highest good. Once a thought that does not meet your highest good has been identified, at that moment, the thought pattern needs to be stopped and replaced with a thought pattern directly in line with your desire. This type of awareness doesn’t necessarily come easily, so it needs to be developed and practiced, much like one practicing playing the piano in order to become highly proficient. One doesn’t simply sit down at a piano and begin to play beautiful compositions without continued practice. It often requires years of continued practice, which includes failing at times, but never giving up in order to reach that goal. Your goal needs to be about heightened awareness in this experience we call life. For it is only through heightened awareness that we can increase the diameter of our creative mind to allow the abundant flow of all things possible into our direct experience. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to witness the expansion of your thoughts and beliefs. With practice, the time you spend will be more than worthwhile and the abundance of life will be witnessed.•