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1) Let’s assume that I don’t know you. In a few sentences, please share with my readers why the world can use more of you?

Let’s face it…I’m a good time. :)


2) What is one food you love and could not live without? What is your least favorite food that you wish would disappear from the face of the earth, and why?

I’m an Italian girl and could absolutely not love without pasta. I don’t care if it’s rigatoni, linguini, fusilli…you name it. I’m not picky about my pasta!

I can’t stand lobster! (I know…cheap date huh? ) I lived in New York City & the cockroaches there were about the size of those creepy crustaceans! The resemblance is a little too close for my taste.


3) What is one thing you wish you had time to do but currently doesn’t fit into your busy schedule?

As a new mom, there are some days I wonder how I even get out the front door! But I really wish I had time to travel more. Every few years I get the itch and I’m definitely due for a good overseas adventure. Greece is next on the to do list!


4) What is the weirdest things you have ever eaten and where were you?

Before “Good Day L.A.” I hosted a travel show where I went coast to coast in search of the best places to eat, drink and play. So as you can imagine, I’ve had my fair share of crazy cuisine. But the weirdest I ever had was at a restaurant called “Do or Dine” in Brooklyn. I had a bunch of crazy stuff but the foie gras doughnut took the cake. Let’s just say I didn’t ask for seconds.


5) What is the one meal that reminds you most of your childhood/family?

Rigatoni with my dad’s meat sauce. Every Sunday I’d wake to the smell of sauce. Heaven! We’d have big Sunday dinners with the grandparents. To this day the smell of garlic reminds me of them.


6) What would be the last meal you would want to eat/make if you only had 1 more day to live?

Filet mignon (medium rare) baked potato with butter & sour cream, roasted brussel sprouts and most importantly, a dirty vodka martini

( or 3..what the heck? It’s my last meal )


7) What is the hardest dish that you have ever had to make?/ Is there a dish that you have still never successfully completed?

I love eggplant and have been trying to perfect moussaka. It keeps coming out mushy and the flavors all meld together. I need to work on consistency & getting those flavors to pop.


8) Breakfast, lunch, & dinner: What would be your perfect 3-square meal?

Egg white omelet with avocados. and side of fruit.

Grilled cheese on crusty bread with tomato soup.

Butter lettuce salad with lemon vinaigrette. Linguini clams in a white wine butter sauce.

Scoop of chocolate ice cream.

9) Of course you want 2014 to be a good one. If all else fails, what would you want your one and biggest success to be?

As a new mom, I just want to be the best parent I can be and try to keep everything balanced.


10) What is your most prized possession?

My late grandmother’s engagement ring. She meant the world to me. I named my daughter, Grace, after her.