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It seems that the word meditation conjures up many ideas and feelings. Even with the broad acceptance meditation has gained, as a viable therapeutic tool, it seems to invoke an equally fearful response. .
Today, I would like to clear the air, if you will, regarding the practice and value of this wonder therapeutic tool. When the word meditation is uttered, there should never be a fearful reaction, nor should someone jump to the conclusion that you need to have a white beard and wear sandals, if you meditate.
The practice of meditation has been recorded since the beginning of time as a means of healing and stress reduction. There seems to be plenty of studies showing the benefits of meditation including, reduced stress, treatment for depression and fear, pain management, and healings from chronic diseases, to name a few.  I truly believe the daily practice of meditation holds many benefits for anyone, regardless of health, happiness or wealth.
The basic act of meditation allows one to hold a mental space without the need to judge, interpret, or analyze anything whatsoever. How cool is that? A mindless activity. It’s not too often that being mindless is an accepted practice in today’s world. It truly is the ability to experience the moment without thinking. With that being said, the real trick to meditation is quieting the mind enough to realize the silent empty space of mindfulness.  It kind of sounds like an oxymoron.  The quiet empty space of meditation is probably the healthiest, most stress-free state you can enter into. Think about it, if our thoughts create our experiences on a moment to moment basis, every thought we hold onto, with intent and emotion, has the ability to create an equal response. If we silence our minds, we have the ability to alter our direct experience with life. Taking the time to meditate, allows for the quieting, or silencing, of our obsessive thoughts. It provides an opportunity to become mindful, or aware, of your true intention for life. Our bodies, minds, souls, spirit, essence or whatever you may cling to, innately knows the true peaceful state of our existence. Within this existence, our essence is in direct alignment with source energy. Source energy is a limitless pulse of love, balance and healing. Within a meditative state, we allow our essence an opportunity to re-connect to this limitless pulse of love, balance and healing.  The direct result is a mental purging of potentially damaging thought forms, giving the mind and body a time/space opportunity to heal.
Meditation is available to everyone. Each and every person has restorative and transformative healing powers within a state of meditation, to allow a positive impact on the mind and body. Meditation is a state of, “no-thing” or “non-doing”, deep sensory experience, self-love, openness, awareness, compassion, non-dueling, egoless expression achieved by overruling internal mental chatter. It is the ultimate presence of “here and now”. Since thoughts are often the source of physical, mental, and emotional pain, staying present through meditation can help to create a richer, fuller life experience.
There are many people who believe meditation is a technique to be learned. It seems to me that meditation is more about experiencing than it is about learning. Meditation does require practice to silence the mind, but there is no wrong way to meditate. Some people find it frustrating at first when trying to find that silent space, and end up giving up too soon. The key to a great meditation is all about allowing. Allowing any and all thoughts to come and go easily and effortlessly without holding on. It is more about becoming the witness of your thoughts, with no attachments to their form or meaning. With continued practice, the constant stream of thoughts will soften and subside. You will know true success in meditation when you realize you are not the thinker of the thoughts that enter your mind (I know crazy…..), but rather the witness. And in the state of being the witness, you will become even more aware of your true essence. Meditation can be practiced anywhere and you don’t have to enter into a flexible Gumby-like pose.  All that is needed is a desire to relax and become peaceful, and find an area where you can be comfortable. The rest is up to you…•