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YOU are in charge.  If you think otherwise, then the battle is already lost.  Choices you make now affect where you will be in the future.  Whatever situations are surrounding you at this moment, there is always room to multiply and conquer!  But again, YOU are in charge of that outcome.  As managers and business owners, we have the ability to increase or decrease the amount our employees can grow.  For example, if you see Mark as a future leader, you can give him added work on the side to see how he performs at multitasking.  On the flipside, if Mark is a headache 5/7 days he is at work, then you can limit the amount of time he has to expand ideas by adding on paperwork.  These two personalities of Mark we will call “Conquerors” and “Defeatists.”  Battle terms always seem to be appropriate for the business world as far as I’m concerned!
Conquerors inspire those around them.   They use natural talents to excite people and get them to buy into what they are selling.  I’m not talking about misleading, but rather applying a belief system that others want to follow.  Productivity and increased sales are just a few of the aspects of conquerors.  They often require less supervision, with fewer resources, but still produce expanding results.  These are the people that will get others saying, “I want to be a part of that.”  It’s almost like they are magnets; once they get close enough, they latch on and acquire a strong connection that is hard to break.  Three divisions can be found under the conquer theme.
•    Releasers – Intensity is the best word I can associate with this group.  They know that past theories of management have a tendency to shut down work ownership.  Instead, they provide prime space for work to thrive and take a step back to not crowd that space.  The “release” aspect of that person is the ability to know how to free people and break down the walls that trap people from producing their best work.
•    Questioners – Never work as a “know-it-all”, people!  That’s the first step to financial and business failure.  Nobody can grow in an environment where this is prevalent.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acquire as much information to make you a stronger individual, but it is totally concerned with how you present such information.  Questioners are the people that put the ownership in the people with whom they are working.  They spark interest by questioning how to seek productivity, when others think they will fail.  They ask, “how far can you take this” and don’t stop until all options are explored.  They have thought before and now are encouraging others to take that step!
•    Investors – You can’t solve every problem.  And even if you can, micromanaging doesn’t work as effectively as people might think it does.  An investor looks at problems in a different light.  Think about when you first are trying to swim – your teacher lets you try it on your own, but knows you will sink.  Their hands are there for support, but as soon as you catch your breath, you are on your own again.  Such is an investor who lets you figure and work out these problems on your own while teaching, guiding and mentoring you through the process.  They invest in your success, which helps you to become more independent.  They seek to generate your best, most complete and authentic work.  What a pleasure to have these people in the work place!
On the flip side, “Defeatists” only hound your workplace.  They might be some of the most intelligent people, but they do not associate their skill level with an attitude to bring others up with them.  This group is quick to just give answers and leave it at that.  They use their knowledge and skill only to solve problems.  And while solving problems is good, if the same person is trying to solve everything, rather than explaining the process to others, it defeats the purpose.   A good leader will ask questions, and great leaders ask really difficult questions to pull the most from their employees.  These people, most likely, have a very prideful demeanor but lack humility.  They appear to be good leaders at first, but when the signs start to show otherwise, the plug must be pulled immediately and be rebuilt from the start.
Ready to make the choice we spoke earlier?  Take your best and make it better.  Take your worst and put them aside – FOR GOOD.  You are smart enough to figure this out and conquer whatever it is you are seeking!  #Business101