Everything You Need to Know About Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes, not only in the UK but also in many parts of the globe. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also very easy to make. Although you can use convection or combi ovens in making your pizza, you can also use commercial pizza ovens. So, if you’re thinking of making pizza as an addition to your menu, then you’ll need this guide to help you choose the right one that best suits your needs.

Types of Pizza Ovens

  1. Deck Oven. A deck oven usually features a brick or stone base, and when it’s heated up, it gives pizza bases the distinctive crispiness. In gas versions, burners are mounted at the back or top of the over to make sure the toppings are cooked. In electric versions, heat is distributed throughout the oven to make sure that the entire pizza is evenly cooked.
    They are often stackable, so all you need to do is add another oven and cook another pizza without taking up more kitchen space. Just remember to rotate the pizzas to prevent burning.
  2. Conveyor Oven. A conveyor oven can pull pizzas through a heated chamber, so it can cook multiple pizzas one after another. And what’s surprising is that the results are consistent every time. This is the reason why many people call it the highest production pizza ovens.
    There are things that you need to remember when using a conveyor oven. First, they don’t have doors to open, so they keep the same temperature throughout the service. And second, they may not be suitable for sites that have very limited space.
  3. BBQ Pizza Oven. People use BBQ pizza ovens for outdoor use, because of their solid fuels such as charcoal or wood, and propane gas. These help the pizza in achieving unique flavors. Its highly stylish designs make this oven perfect for you to showcase your pizza offering as well as maximizing takings on a good weather.
  4. Accelerated Cooking Oven. An accelerated cooking oven (or also known as a rapid cook oven), is the newest and possibly the fastest way to cook a hot, crispy, and delicious pizza. If you’re cooking food to go, then this oven can reduce your queue times and also improve your takings.
    By using a combination of microwave, convection and impingement cooking, an accelerated cooking oven can cook up to a full 14” pizza in just 90 seconds (but this still depends on the ingredients or model). While it can cook pizza fast, it has a limited capacity that prevents you from doing batch cooking for large groups.

Now that you know the different types of pizza ovens, you need to consider several factors before you buy one. This ensures that you’re buying the pizza oven you need for your business.

What to Check Before Buying Pizza Ovens

Selecting the right pizza oven is important when you start your pizzeria. What works for one setting may not work for another. Thus, you need to consider the following to make sure that you’re able to buy the best pizza oven for your business:

  1. Power Type. You need to make sure that your oven matches your kitchen setup, whether you’re using an electric-powered oven or a gas-powered oven. An electric pizza oven is available in single or three-phase versions while a gas oven can either be natural or liquid propane gas.
  2. Size. Pizza ovens can be both surprisingly small or large. Because of the variety of the options available, you should check the dimensions before you buy one, to ensure that it will fit in your kitchen. Remember to check the height, too, especially if you plan to stack multiple machines.
  3. Capacity/Output. On a busy weekend, your pizzeria will need much higher output and capacity compared to a rural café. All pizzeria ovens have their listed pizza capacity, so be sure to match the oven with the expected demand. Capacity may also refer to the maximum size of the pizza that you can cook.
  4. Type of Pizza. The type of pizza you make is a big factor when choosing a pizza oven. If you want your pizza to have a specific finish, then you should double-check if your pizza oven can help you achieve it. For instance, conveyor ovens can create thin based pizzas with light toppings while deck ovens can create deep-pan Chicago-style pizzas with heavy toppings.
  5. Efficiency. A high-power pizza oven can cook faster and reach hotter temperatures. But you need to balance this with the cost of running the unit in a span of one year. Why is this important? Ovens that use less energy can help you save a considerable amount of money over time.
  6. Weight. If you’re involved in an event catering or mobile catering, then you’ll need to move the oven a lot. Commercial ovens are usually bulky and heavy, and this can be very hard to do. This makes weight a critical factor when choosing a pizza oven because of transportation positioning and costs.
  7. Stands. A pizza oven should either be positioned on a counter or free standing. If you choose a free-standing pizza oven, you need to check whether the stand is included or not. If it isn’t, then you can find them as an optional extra, under the Accessories tab on pizza oven webpages.
  8. Warranty. All pizza ovens should have warranties that cover business use. How long do you want the warranty to be? The warranty duration is worth checking because not all ovens have longer guarantees compared to others.

There are different types of pizza ovens out there, and not all of them can help you with your business. Once you consider these things, from power types to warranties, then you’ll be able to choose the right pizza oven. Remember, whether it be for large commercial operations or a family-owned business, what’s appropriate for others may not be appropriate for you. Choose wisely.