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How I Got Here PodcastOne


Our guest this week is Fabio Viviani, chef and entrepreneur, and owner of one of the best stories yet on “How I Got Here.” Growing up in Florence, Italy, Fabio began working at the age of eleven years old, baking from midnight to seven AM in a basement to help support his family. From there, he moved up the chain, eventually managing restaurants by the time he was in his early 20′s. By his mid 20′s, Fabio was a millionaire, but he gave his unusual fortune away to pay off his father’s debt. After moving to America without any savings or any knowledge of the language, Fabio quickly built a new career and life for himself, and now he oversees an ever-expanding group of restaurants. Yes, we’re aware this sounds like a movie script. That’s what makes it so good. Listen to the episode to hear the rest.

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