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Shoot for the moon.  Be passionate about your goals and take criticism with a smile.  Be able to think larger than what you can currently see.  These lessons and more came from my mentors throughout the year.  They all had the ability to see ahead and the drive to convince other people to jump on board with them.  The power of persuasion is a lady dressed in red, but who only needs her eyes.  It’s not so much having great ideas, but having other pieces of the puzzle that make that idea work.  People don’t succeed, not because they don’t have what it takes, but because they lack the ability to course out their plan of action.  A dream without a plan is simply a wish!  We all love wishes, but there’s a reason that we only wish upon stars.  They come and go as the wind does.  Stop wishing and start planning.  The moon is attainable, but only by the correct flight patterns.
When people are driven and focused, they do things in a different manner.  Take me for example – I have very little time during the day to get things done.  How do I compensate?  Simple – find the free time that other spend resting and dedicate it to getting things done.  While people sleep on a plane ride, I answer emails.  While people take smoke breaks, I’m making calls.  When people are sleeping, I take an extra hour to plan my next move.  I move differently because I want to, not because I’m special or better than anyone else.  It’s all about my drive and what I want out of my business and my life.  These types of people use non-conventional ways to obtain their goals and succeed in their planning.  It doesn’t matter whether rich or poor, entitled or in the dumps, black, white, or mixed, educated or street-smart– big thinkers make their own rules and write their own guidelines.  Here are 5 reasons why the big thinkers are moving forward quicker than you can catch up.  The good news is that you can be in this category any time you want to up your game!  The ball is in your court.
1.    Adjust the Program – Start giving your brain the credit it deserves.  It not only focuses on the present now, but has the ability to process millions and millions of seconds of data.  How can something so powerful not be intended for greatness?  Your brain is a powerhouse of space waiting to be filled with information.  Fill it with goals, ideas, and dreams.  Once they are in, they can be worked on.  The future success of your life is not made by what you are capable of now, but rather what you think are you capable of in the days to come
2.    Limits are Not Allowed – A fact for you: you can’t replace time.  When you have it, it’s yours.  Once you’ve used it, it never comes back.  Usually things this precious are treated like a treasure chest.  Why don’t we treat time in this way?  Probably because we think it’s endless and we have lots of it. Stop thinking this way and carefully plan your time to work for you, not against you.  Only when you know what time you have can you invest it in other avenues and watch it grow for you.
3.    Dream Now to Gain Later – If you were putting yourself to an uncomfortable situation, this is where you grow the most.  Just like lifting weights, when the strain happens in the finals reps, that’s where the biggest gains are made.  Dream bigger than any of your competitors are doing.  Want to open a store? Forget that – open a store that offers a,b,c and that has free delivery.  Go above and beyond!  Simply note the obstacles you come in contact with and plan on overcoming them.  It’s only in our mistakes that we find our successes.
4.    Keep Control – Control your time.  Control your actions.  Control your money.  Big time successes have control at all times, in all their business avenues.  Many people will try to take away that control and lead you down other paths.  Stay true to it.  The more control you focus into your goals, the faster they become a reality.
5.    Stay Positive – Being a positive person is great, but being a positive thinker is better.  These two are similar, but not the same.  People are driven by their personalities.  But staying positive in a dreadful world can be challenging for many.  Always keep in mind that your positive thoughts, when vocalized, are heard by others.  Work hard on forming relationships with this frame of mind!
Fear of the unknown and going for your future goals simply cannot be in the same thought!  No one ever broke the rules or changed history by following the normal standards.  That’s why the number is few and far between.  There will always be leaders and followers.  Both are very needed, but when the dust settles, which side of the fence will you find yourself on?  Choose wisely because time is already flying by.  #Business101