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We all remember the iconic scene of Tom Cruise, tube socks, and a living room entrance way.  He was cool as ice when sliding in perfect rhythm with the music – oh and did I mention the Ray Bans?  The definition of cool in those days.  The movie, if you aren’t familiar, is called Risky Business.  Do yourself a favor and take a couple of hours to watch this timeless classic.  We won’t be talking about Tom Cruise or anything about that movie.  We will, however, be touching on the topic of risk and things you should be willing to risk when approaching the business world.  Where to start, where to extend stride, and how to finish strong!  I often compare business mentality to running because of the focus and endurance it takes to get there.
What is viability? It’s being capable of working successfully, in the best and even worst of conditions.  When there is no vulnerability, no viability will be present.  Let’s look at this a little closer, America.  When you expose yourself, you become vulnerable.  It’s freedom, but leaving yourself open for the punch.  It can be the best thing you ever experience, but can quickly turn into something horrible.  In that moment, the risk becomes reality.  The greatest rewards are found in those moments, especially when confidence takes center stage.  When you lead with confidence, risks become more of a challenge than a worry.  When you don’t risk, you don’t move forward.  And no business that I’ve ever been a part of or seen has even been successful without forward movement.
The movement is what matters.  If you aren’t going forward, why even compete, people?!  If you want a free ride, step out of the business world.  The movers and shakers are doing the best because time after time, they push their envelope and try to move forward.  How good is a train that can’t carry cargo state to state?  How many hockey players do you see as All-Stars who don’t move the puck forward?  It’s a universal truth!  Even if you don’t succeed the first time, the important thing is to learn from the misstep and adjust.  Don’t see yourself as a failure.  See yourself as an investor in the big picture.  You have to get knocked down a couple times in order to know how to get up.  The recipe can be found in this:

Risk + Confidence + Good People = Success
•    Don’t hold the Wall – The wall isn’t going anywhere.  That’s why you find all of the schoolboys and girls held tight to it during the freshman dance.  Be the risk taker that asks the pretty girl or handsome young man to dance with you.  Even if you get turned down, it’s more than what your friends did.  Hell, they are dancing with a wall – how lame is that!  Business rolls the same way – step outside your comfort zone and ask for the dance.
•    Letters to yourself – Every day I write down something, whether it’s a quote, lesson learned, or something special shared with me.  These things are important to me.  If you can make what you are thinking tangible, it becomes that much more real.  Don’t be afraid to become exposed in your letter.  The more real you get, the more your move forward.  And remember – that’s the only type of moving we are concerned with!
•    The Wheel – Ever think about your daily life and how easy we have it compared to beginning times?  They found out about fire, invented the wheel, and found a way to successfully deliver a piece of cured meat all over the world.  It’s amazing what people can do!  Do you want that credibility? Then your risk level has to become a contender.  Step up and start spinning that thing!
Walking down the street the other day, I saw a flower growing through the concrete.  If you wake up with that mentality, you become strong and beautiful at the same time.  Your attitude becomes very attractive to others, trying to help their businesses.  What does your risk look like today?  Will you be hanging out in the living room with popcorn or sliding?  I’m pretty sure I know which side I want to be on.  Give me those shades, with a side of risk any day.  I’d be nothing if risk wasn’t in my business vocabulary.  Success cannot be truly achieved without looking at the world and saying “Here I come!”  Now is you turn to slide across the floor.  To saddle up.  To grab the bull by the horns and ride the bucking crazy animal until you get thrown off!  I’ll be waiting for ya.  #Business101