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It’s the holidays, so ‘tis the season for celebration and good cheer. Whether you’re commemorating Christmas, or opening a bottle to revere the New Year, instead of just popping a cork, how about trying something with a little more panache? I’m here to introduce you to the art of sabering Champagne.

It’s kinda dangerous, pretty impressive, involves sharp objects, and, if you don’t do it right, as “Ralphie” was warned in in the holiday classic, A Christmas Story, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” (Seriously, it could happen, so be careful.)

Here’s my video on Sabering a Champagne bottle.
There are some important steps in the art of sabrage:

• Sabering a bottle may be dangerous, take precautions.
• A saber is great, but any sword/large knife will do.
• The bottle must be VERY cold – under 40°.
• Remove the foil and the muselet (cage).
• Hold the bottle with your thumb in the punt (the indentation at the bottom of the bottle); this protects your hand.
• Locate the vertical seam on the side of the bottle, and aim for the intersection of that seam and the lip – that’s the weakest part of the bottle.
• Slide the sword along the seam, and strike the lip with the blunt edge of your sword. Hit it straight – not on an angle.
• Watch where you aim – the cork and glass ring will come off with some force, and could travel quite a distance.  If that hits a person, it could hurt… a lot!
• The pressure of the escaping gas should blow any glass bits clear of the liquid, but check when you pour. And don’t touch the cut end, it’s very sharp!

I hope you enjoy the video, and have happy (and safe) holidays!

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