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Mother’s day is May 10th this year, and there’s nothing like getting caught without a sweet little something for dear Mom. I did that once. Once. A small oversight, really. I simply forgot. What I won’t forget is the look on her face — the disappointment in her eyes — the shame of raising such an inconsiderate daughter. Ok… I might be projecting a little here. Mom actually wasn’t bothered at all.
Truth be told, I’m still atoning for my teen years and apologize every time I see her. Yes, she has gray hairs to blame on me… but that’s just the perils of parenting a teenager.
Just so you don’t come up empty handed on Mother’s day, I’ve got a quick craft that’s a lovely gift. It’s also great for visiting guests and a fab twist on the hostess gift – Scented Soap Petals.
These soap petals are, in effect, beautifully scented, teeny, tiny washcloths. They’re easy to make, kinda fancy, and require only a few supplies. You can personalize them by choosing fabric petals in Mom’s favorite color, and customize the scent just for her. Hello fabulous present for Mom!
Tools and Supplies:
•Fabric Flower Petals – available at craft stores in the Wedding section.
•Glycerin Soap Base, unscented – from craft stores, or sometimes found at grocery stores.
•Essential Oils –these are your fragrance makers.  Get them at drug stores, craft stores, or online.
•Glass Bowl
•Chopsticks or Tweezers
•Double Boiler
•Metal Rack
Cut the soap into cubes and place in a glass bowl, 5 oz will make about 75 petals. You can melt the soap using a microwave, but a double boiler is better at maintaining a constant temperature. I highly recommend using the double boiler method.
Simmer a few inches of water in the pot over medium-low heat. Place the glass bowl or upper pot above. This will gently heat and melt the soap base, making it easy to dip petals without the worry of burning the soap.
When the cubes have melted, stir in your essential oil. 5-10 drops is plenty. When choosing your fragrance, you can always use rose, as the petals are usually rose petals, but you can also consider the color of your petals – peach oil for peach colored petals or lavender scent for purple petals.
One by one, give your fabric petals a quick dip. It’s important to only dip one at a time, so they don’t stick together and make a mess.  Make sure they’re fully coated. Remove them with chopsticks, tongs or tweezers. Cool on a metal rack and your petals are done! Yep, that’s pretty much it. I told you it was quick!
Place in a decorative dish on your bathroom counter. For those who aren’t sure how to use them, a friendly note is always helpful (see below). No messy bar-soap, no ugly hand soap.  Yay!
To give as a gift, place in cellophane bags and tie with ribbon.
Bonus Tip: I like to make mine semi-waterproof by covering with packing tape before cutting out.
They can also be scattered to make a romantic bubble bath. But do remember to remove the petals before draining or you’ll have to call a plumber.
A video demonstrating the process is here: