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As a good rule of thumb, everything is overrated.  Being smart is overrated as much as being pretty is overrated.  The new kid on the block that just graduated from Ivy League Prep School with a bachelors in “I’m more awesome than you will ever be” is overrated.  Now don’t get it twisted here, guys – being smart, taking care of yourself, and having an education are admirable and do help in most areas of life, but they are still overrated.  It’s not what you have, but rather what you do with it.

Let’s look at today’s manager – Not only do they deal with the daily grind of trying to pull a family of rabbits from a black hat, but they have to do so while dealing with employee emotions, the growing world of social media, and more emails than you can shake a stick at.  With people being plugged in and turned on to all things mobile, it’s funny to see how disconnected of a society we have become.  This phenomenon might help to explain why your employees fall in the “UN” category – unhappy, unproductive, unreachable, and unreliable.  As managers and leaders, it’s our job to tap into what our employees are dealing with, bring them out of it, and connect with them on a real, personal level.  This helps you generate productivity, which then creates profits.  The best songs have melodies laced with harmony.  When you bring the best out of your employees, it creates a beautiful song filled with both.

With 4 simple steps, you can identify problems and fix them.  Nothing happens in business with people being stagnant, so these practices have to be looked after like a mother bird looks after her little ones preparing for flight.  When we begin to match the right people with the right jobs and find a connection that spawns them to work hard, a marriage is formed that’s divorce-free.  People look good doing what they were meant to do, and morale is boosted in your employees’ spirit.

•     Make the Shoe Fit – Like I just discussed, putting a person in the right practice is crucial to their success or failure.  Having the wrong person doing a task with no end goal never results in progress.  It ends up being lots of hard work with very little pay-off for your business or the individual.  Complaining about their job excessively, verbalizing that they are unhappy, or that nothing excites them anymore are big red flags that you need to be able to identify as a manager.  Take some time to sit down, list things they don’t like doing, and shift their focus on something that does excite them.  This might seem like common sense, but to people who don’t have direction; it could be a fresh start.
•     Daily Dosage of Good – Distant employees make for distant relationships.  Those relationships result in poor organizational life skills.  Poor life skills leave you with someone who is drained of all energy.  Without sufficient energy, your business fails.  It’s actually quite interesting to see how the mood and atmosphere of your staff can make or break what you’re trying to accomplish.  Regardless of the product or message, without the work force to push said item is utterly meaningless.  I like to say, “When we connect, we shine brighter, we work harder, and we move faster.”  As a manager, take your skills of connection and drive your employees to pursue a sense of excellence.  Ask them what makes them happy and build a bridge of connection to what it is they are after.  Remove the obstacle and watch them shine!
•     Push with Challenges – After achieving the first two steps with your employees, it’s time to help facilitate their thoughts towards overcoming personal challenges.  Maybe they lack self-knowledge or self-confidence.  Maybe they have trouble staying out of the way of themselves; their worst enemy is looking at themselves in the mirror.  For them to do their best work, you must create goals for them to achieve.  Not by implementing fear and stress, but through positive, stern, self-reinforcement about their abilities and their capabilities to succeed.  Set the example by showing them what hard work looks like and what happens when it pays off.  If you can be the manager that encourages a working model of connection between work and goals, you will have the best staff of employees on the planet.  Simply put – Performance is directly linked to how you are perceived.  They perform at greater levels when they see that you are engaged and care.
•     Spirits Through the Roof – People want to shine.  They want to be awarded for doing a good job.  Being acknowledged for something in the work field can feel like they are on top of the world.  It could be as simple as a pat on the back, followed by a “great job,” or a small bonus or gift.  When this is done, the transformation that we started within the first step can be seen here.  Don’t go to far though.  Remember that all things are overrated, but a little can sometimes go a long way.  Praise your employees rather than focusing on what they are doing wrong.  This will create a connection that will allow you to later help correct the things that they are not conquering.  A small step towards a bigger goal is better than standing still.

It’s about connection.  It’s about lifting people up.  It’s about taking something that’s wrong, assessing the problem, then finding a solution.  I know what you are thinking now, though – sounds too good to be true.  Please take my word that it can be, but only if you don’t see the potential that lies in your staff who might just be working the wrong job at the wrong time.  Take a step back and make your workplace shine a little brighter.  Being on the greener side of the field always lends itself to happier grazing.  #Business101