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The arrival of spring is upon us with a metaphorical renewal of life that springs forth from the seemingly cold, lifeless and dormant energy that dominated the winter months.
Spring offers a sense of joy and anticipation shared by people all over the world. The joy and anticipation of spring is about new growth and the possibility of new things not witnessed or known. The season of spring is about starting a new cycle of growth that can be witnessed in Mother Nature from birthing animal life to the sprouting of new plant life. Both of which are the effortless yet powerful symbols of a revival energy of newness and regeneration that is not separate from us, the human race.
One of the great challenges we hold as a species is understanding that we too are connected to the ebb and flow of the seasonal equinoxes. Spring offers us the beginning of a new opportunity of potential and created energy. The energy created during the spring months carries us into the thriving, expanding and peeking energy of the summer months, reaching the greatest potential and growth. At the end of the summer months, just like nature, we enter into what I characterize as the slow die-off period of unneeded energies, leading us to the months of fall. During the months of fall we begin to shed, much like a tree sheds its leaves, excessive energies that are no longer needed. And from the slow die-off that is presented during the fall months, we ultimately find way to the slow contracted dormant energy of the winter months. During the winter months, everything slows down; almost as a resting period that is needed to help regenerate a new energy that will allow us to cultivate the surging energy that spring brings to us: the surging energy of newness, growth and unlimited potential to “spring” forward to a new beginning.
During the winter months leading up to spring is actually the best time to become introspective and investigate where you are in life and where you would like to be moving. The slower dormant energy of winter is about reflection and strategizing for the potential of something new to witness or experience. It’s about investigating the thoughts and belief systems that have carried you to your current experience and then deciding if it’s time to change some of those thoughts and beliefs. As the old saying goes, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result can only be defined as insanity. To break that down into layman’s terms, if you keep thinking the same thoughts over and over, you can only experience the same thing over and over. Life is truly about growth and growth is impossible without change. Therefore if we don’t change the way we think, only to experience the same thing over and over, we essentially stop the essence of life, which is growth. And to be honest with you, if you’re not growing and evolving – what is your true purpose?
Sometimes the thoughts of change are so scary and terrifying, we unconsciously remain stagnant in our daily lives and our thinking. It’s not that we don’t want to change or that we don’t want a different experience, but the thoughts we generate about how we are going to get there become so crazy that our mind just decides to stay put with current thinking and deal with whatever our experience is offering. This is partly because even though we might not necessarily like our current experience, we have developed survival skills to maintain the status quo of our current situation and consciously or subconsciously deal with whatever it is we are experiencing. And knowing how to navigate through something we are used to, even if we don’t like it, is more comforting than the thoughts we might be projecting regarding what changes might hold. The truth is though, more often than not, the reality and the experience of change are far less frightening than our original thoughts about it.
It’s no coincidence that the word “spring” is the anchor word for springtime. For the dictionary defines spring as:
1 :  dart, shoot <sparks sprang out from the fire> (2) :  to be resilient or elastic; also :  to move by elastic force <the lid sprang shut>
2 : to issue with speed and force or as a stream <tears spring from our eyes>
3 a :  to grow as a plant
b :  to issue by birth or descent <sprang from the upper class>
c :  to come into being :  arise <towns sprang up across the plains>
d :  archaic :  dawn
e :  to begin to blow —used with up <a breeze quickly sprang up>
4 a :  to make a leap or series of leaps <springing across the lawn>
b :  to leap or jump up suddenly <sprang from their seats>
5  :  to stretch out in height
Think of springtime as a time to dart or shoot out of old negative thought patterns with controlled speed and directed force. Think of springtime as the potential for new self-growth, like a new plant would grow, from the seeds of new thought. Think of springtime as a starting place for new beginnings to developing and a new way to express itself. Think of springtime as an opportunity to leap forward with a positive bounce and mentally stretch to new heights and possibilities because of new patterns of belief now being created. Think of springtime as your time to become new, fresh and exciting with unlimited potential to create an experience something new.•
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