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Before you go brush you teeth, put on your clothes, check your emails, or anything else you think is important in the morning, you think food.  You aren’t alone in this matter #TeamFabio.  As soon as I open my eyes, I crave breakfast.  It’s like I dream about it to prepare myself for the satisfaction that I’ll receive in the morning.  Whether I’m relaxing in bed with a bowl of cereal and fruit or doing it big with eggs, bacon and biscuits, my mornings always start off the right way.  Actually, I have a “get up on the right side of the bed” unlimited usage card – So I’m really starting off the right way everyday. But I’ll give the credit to breakfast for the sake of this conversation.
When I moved to this country, I was overwhelmed by how much you guys celebrate the gathering and partaking of your first meal.  I saw meats, cheeses, vegetables and dairy being brought together for the sake of palette.  It’s like you guys say, “I feel so bad that I’ve neglected my mouth and smells like a trash can for 8 hours.  Time to make it feel like a winner.” ENTER BREAKFAST!
•    Get in the Game – I knew if I was going to fully integrate into America, I had to become one with the art of making breakfast.  I was no stranger to the concept of breakfast, but it was coffee, maybe a pastry and I was off to start my day.  From pancakes and waffles, to gravy covered everything, breakfast is a ball player that knows how to hit a home run every time he steps up to the plate.
•    My Favorite – If there is one food that you can’t go wrong with any way you make it, you guessed it – eggs.  Boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, down, sideways and everything in-between, these diverse little white capsules of goodness seem to always find their way to the table.  They honestly go well with anything, people.  Ever stuck on what to make for breakfast?  Your answer is eggs.  It’s not an option – this is me telling you the best route to take.  Hope to see you at the end of the road, America! #Boom
•    The Late Riser – But I can see that look on your face as you’re reading this…..”Fabio, I don’t want to get up in the morning at all.  Is there any hope for my eating activities?” To which I’ll answer in two parts.  As far as getting up in the morning, you are on your own on that one.  I suggest a dog licking you in the face – kind of messy but usually gets the job done.  For your eating activities, there’s a secret meal after breakfast and before lunch called brunch – genius thinking on the name right? Brunch is taking breakfast, adding a pound of butter, and never apologizing. I’m just kidding guys; it’s only half a pound….
•    Mimosa Madness – Brunch allows you to eat like it’s breakfast, while still being able to get dressed for the day.  No pajamas allowed here, people – this is business time.  Sometimes brunch even goes all the way until 3 pm on Sundays, which by the way, all depends on how many mimosas are being consumed. So drink up!  Big spreads of muffins, croissants, finger sandwiches and smoked salmon with the works are what you will typically see at the buffet counter.  Brunch is filled with lots of variety and smells.  Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter are the top 3 times brunch is in full effect.  I think women might have come up with the idea of brunch looking at some of the times that it happens.  Well-played, ladies!

So pick your poison, you guys and girls.  Whether you side with breakfast and eat in your underwear, or go with brunch and slip into some slacks or a sundress, you will be good no matter what! I endorse both of these times for dining pleasure.  I really support anytime where food is involved, but specifically these two.  There’s something about connecting with food first thing in the morning.  Opening your senses up to rich aromas in the comfort of your house is a recipe for a great day.  Don’t take my word for it – try it! It’s quite the experience.  Just replace bacon with cheese toast, vegetarians.  We aren’t prejudice at all.  Wouldn’t want you missing out on the best way to start your day. So pull down the frying pan, pour some milk, and get your day started with something in your belly!  #LetsTalkAbout